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fire fan 888
Last Activity:
Mar 26, 2016
Apr 12, 2008
Likes Received:
New Jersey
Engineer's assistant

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fire fan 888

Well-Known Member, from New Jersey

fire fan 888 was last seen:
Mar 26, 2016
    1. SkyTheMagicalSpiritualFox
    2. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Just to talk to some friends, yes (and read the drabbles and occasional one-shots). ;P Long time no see, Fire-kun. XD
    3. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Fire-chaaaaaaaaaan! It's been over a year; come on already!!!!!!!
      Don't make me sound like a five-year-old! )':
    4. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      But chibis are adorable! x3 Even if they do look sad.
      *pats your back* Well, she doesn't know what she's missing. There's plenty of fish in the sea, you just have to find the right one. ^^

      Baseball season, hm? No wonder everywhere I go I always hear or/and see baseball stuff. I don't like watching it, but playing is cool.
      But because of the circumstances, I'll stick to golf for now.

      *grows lopped dog ears and tail* YAY! *glomps while wagging tail rapidly* Arigato!
      Yep. Pain you wouldn't believe. Both my ankles (the left more, though), both shoulders (you remember), both knees, and now my hip and waist. >.<' My ankles and shoulders haven't been messing with me for months, but for some reason they started acting up again. I blame my bed. And to add to that, my allergies are acting up. >.<
      *sighs* My mom's most likely going to take me to get checked out when we come back from vacation, since I've had them (ankle and shoulder pains) for so long.
    5. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      *shows a picture with of chibi teary-eyed puppy* Excuses. *sniff* . . . Nothing but excuses. T.T
      I Have. Been. So. Bored. You wouldn't believe it. There's not much you can do with several injuries and a headache! DX
      You need to get on more, no ones really talking to me anymore and I miss it. And Bunny gets on every other day.

      What's new with me? There's several hornets' nests in our backyard, along with bees, though there's no hive. Cockroaches are invading the house, along with long legged things. And to make matters worst, it feels like the middle of Summer! DX Geez, if it feels this hot now when Spring just started . . . I don't even want to think about when Summer does comes.
      Also, me, my sis and mom ran for our lives from the hornets the other day. XD

      BTW, when I say get on more, I do mean it. Because I've really been getting into mysteries and I'm always seen with a book nowadays. So I don't come on as much. One day I'm going to be a detective --not for a living. A sideline thing. I have an A+ on cracking several kinds of codes. ^.^
      Pretty much saying: If you're going to come on more, then I'll put down the book and come on too. But let me know the time line you usually or are most likely going to. Like dawn, afternoon or night?
      We have the same timezone, so it's fine. That is, if you want to talk to me. .-.

      Sooooo, anything new with you? 83
    6. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      *in a cute little kid's voice* Flarie-chaaaaaaaaaan! Come on, I'm bored! *watches some dust blow in the wind*
    7. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Fire-kun, hai! :D (oof, I've been tainted. >.<)
    8. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Ugh, you decide to come on when I'm out sick? You still have bad timing. =_=' I still am, but not as much. But I had a strong feeling you'd be on. . . .
      Anyway. Really? Sick of video games? . . . Well, I was the same. I barely played them for two years (really) and only just last week I'm into them again. But I'm still a bookworm. =3
      My sis gave me a heart attack (not literally) when she wanted me to play Naruto last night. >.<
    9. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Tsk. Tsk. *wags finger as if a teacher* Knowledge is the greatest prize of all. . . . Because people are usually too cheap to get anything good.
      My own twist on the so commonly known phrase. XD

      >.<' *hisses while cracking knuckles* Trying to say something? *double hiss* (Kidding . . . >.>')
      Eh. I'm used to it. So, honestly . . . I don't really care. (Meaning, I'm so used to people disappearing or me and someone else growing apart, it doesn't effect me anymore. Not that I don't care, just the only thing I could think of. . . .)
      So stop apologizing already! I'm (unfortunately) an easy forgiver (It's like a curse), so apologizing twenty-million times is just plain annoying! >.<

      But anyway, really? Nothing new at all?
      No book? No game? No nothing? Nada?!
    10. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine

      So you are a goody two shoes? xP
      Grounded for flunking a test? That seems a bit much for me. >.< I either just have to redo the test/homework (if I flunked Math, Science, English Grammer, or Biology) or get extra work (if I flunked vocabulary)
      Oh well. You're back now. ^^

      What's new?
    11. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Anyway, I'm surprised you got grounded. No offense (if it is. I don't mean it offensively) but you seem like a goody two shoes.

      My mom's kicking me off the computer. But only for a few minutes (ten-twenty minutes at most?).
    12. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Meh. I get that like once a month. In real life -- and they're random people too! >.<' Weirdos. (Not you, them)>.>'
      Anyway, yay! *glomps* So are you back on Serebii or you're still leaving it?
    13. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      *gasp* Am I seeing things? I am half sleep, maybe I am.
      Oh, I'm so dreaming. T.T
    14. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Actually, I meant having the tigers so close. XD
    15. Yellow Aura
      Yellow Aura
      Okay, but why exactly?
    16. Killer_Squirtle
      You will be missed bro.
    17. fire fan 888
      fire fan 888
      dear ppl who check my page,

      this is my final goodbye... im quitting sppf... I will miss all of u... goodbye everyone
      chan aka fire fan
    18. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      >.<' That's definitely not a very good experience . . . but still fun. ^^;
    19. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      Hello, OSTRICH!! They peck! It's HEAD was IN the CAR!! DX And it looked at me like it was going to get me!
    20. Sapphire Sapphirine
      Sapphire Sapphirine
      LOL! XD I haven't had my "terrible" experience with zoo animals yet.
      . . . . My sis fed some ostriches once. o.0 It was scary. T.T
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    New Jersey
    Engineer's assistant
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Ask me! I encourage people not knowing a thing about someone and then learning =] it makes for better conversation, ya know?

    weight lifting, soccer, school, hiking, camping, reading (mostly old literature), and exploring