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  • You don't know how many times I get close to the last level of a game and completely space out and lose. ^^; Recently, me and my sis was playing Cooking Mama and were taking turns. I had to do that pot screen where you do what they say, well, they wanted me to add and I stirred instead! >///< It was for a good eight seconds and I was staring at the screen too! How embarassing . . . And it was a recipe we didn't like doing. *heavy sigh*

    My sis did, I think two-three years ago. It got VERY thick spit ALL over her hand (including crumbs). XD It was warm too.
    Like I said. I WAS KIDDING!
    *NOTE* My post said fake tears and acting overly dramatic. Stop taking me so seriously! I have a kinda strange sense of humor that sometimes comes out the opposite of what someone thinks!
    Plus, I understand, it's not like I never have it rough. I wish I had my own room, so I could get away from stuff.
    Huh!? 0.0 He said nothing! My computer was messing up and it kept going to the links I didn't press, so it eventually happened to be on the conversation between you guys. >.<'
    I'm not upset by it. I was totally kidding! *NOTE* In my post I said fake tears.
    And who said I wasn't in the mood? I'm alway in the mood to listen, comfort, or help a friend out!

    I'm sorry if I upsetted you in any way. If you're depressed right now feel free to talk about it. I'm a pretty good listener and give good advice. ;) (though I can never follow it myself)
    Sooner or later. The connection's being so stubborn I want to kick it! I think I need a new cord or somethin'. *shrugs* Plus, I still need to get my code, and make sure it works, and make sure Shippo's not hyper at the time of when we battle, and *singing* blah blah blah blaaah! Yeah. Ya get it.
    But it shouldn't take long. Usually when I'm about to yell or lose it with something that doesn't work, it works. >.<'

    P.S. Think again, Flarie Fairy-chan! (Replying to that post you said to Yellow Aura) Ya know, you really should PM stuff like that. Hmph! *crosses arms and turns away* *acting overly dramatic* And you call me your best friend when you hide that!? *cries fake tears* Lies! You say nothing but lies!
    Probably. Maybe. I guess-- I don't know. I feel tomorrow's gonna be a little crazy, so maybe not. But I'll be on before 12:00 PM and MAYBE after 3:15 PM. But I'll definitely be on after 7:30 PM!
    Au revoir!
    Reminds me of when both cats were going in a frenzy and BBQ used my mom's arm to jump off of and tackled Moon-chan. XD Moon-chan also used me as a ramp once. *goes down memory lane* XD
    Hehe. My cat, Moon-chan, just loves to sneak up on Shippo (dog) then slap her. Then he acts like a perfect, innocent, little angel afterwards. XD Shippo hates it but tries to be nice.

    And my sis' cat, BBQ (not official, but just call him that), runs around the house like crazy over fried fish. XD
    LOL! XD
    Oh, remember my sis' cat? The one that can't meow? Well, he's actually starting to get a voice now. Still sounds terrible, but not as bad. And my cat now has a habit of slapping everything besides me. XD
    Good. ^^ Usually, people (other then the fam and BuNnY RaBbItS9945) don't get my sense of humor and mistaken it for an insult. *sigh*

    Lets see, I'm busy today (well, not entirely, but getting preready (hair, clothes, etc.) and tomorrow (Got a play to do and lessons), then I need to get my code on Platium and make sure it works . . . >.< So maybe we'll battle the day after tomorrow? (If I'm not sleepy)
    Aw, you're too nice. *rolls eyes* Really. You remind me of a character in one of those cheesy romance movies. LOL. XD NOT THAT IT'S A BAD THING! Just sayin', so don't take it to heart. Got that!? >.<
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