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fire wind218
Last Activity:
Nov 28, 2009
Aug 7, 2009
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fire wind218

New Member

fire wind218 was last seen:
Nov 28, 2009
    1. Akira17
      ill give you my tyrouge
    2. fire wind218
      fire wind218
      yeah ok soz been busy how bout today?
    3. kyogre A
      kyogre A
      hi do you want to play in mario strikers charged it football play???
    4. +Kira+
      I'm on wi-fi with a Togepi holding Roar. Want to trade?
    5. +Kira+
      Shiny Stone, please. The only problem is that I won't have wi-fi back up until Monday morning, could we hold off on the trade until then?
    6. fire wind218
      fire wind218
      getting life orb already but I will give you disk or stone for roar
    7. +Kira+
      I have a Life Orb and the TM Roar I'd be willing to trade for a Shiny Stone and a Dubious Disk. What do you think?
    8. kyogre A
      kyogre A
      hi do u want to battle me in pokemon battle revolution me code 0860-9176-5736 Thank you ^_^
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:


    pearl fc: 1591 2389 3481



    my pokes and items up for trade:

    shiny adamant lucario all EVS erased, IVS:11/31/31/2/28/31
    SHINY UT adamant scyther with technician
    SHINY UT kricketune
    SHINY salamence EVS not known by me
    DISTANT LAND lugia
    latias from hoenn
    latios from hoenn
    MATTLE ho oh
    soul dew x 2
    proud owner of a SHINY BOLD UT LUGIA WITH GREAT IVS!