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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • TobyGames is his gaming channel. He's really funny.

    Alright. I think I'm going to go outside and lay in the snow while it's snowing. See ya and ya, hopefully!
    Yes, people have.

    Wow. I do not regularily watch any of them. My favorites are Tobuscus (All three of his channels), yamimash, AaroInTheKnee, markiplierGAME, DRLgamimg, and kootra.
    Me too. I've played it a lot and I've only had it for like two months. It's pretty fun once you actually get into it. I guess, but for a while I didn't post much at all.
    Huh. I guess that's sort-of how I am. I mainly spend my free time watching videos on Youtube and playing PC games like TF2. And I have become less active on here lately. I don't think it's because I have a lot to do now, though.
    Ah. Well, good luck with the rest of the year.

    Sounds busy yet fun, assuming that you don't mean an actual gang. Wow. And just saying, there have been name changes around here, so some people, like BK, have changed their usernames.
    Oh ya. How's college so far? Ya. That must suck.

    That must be nice after a couple of months of college. Wow. I guess it has been that long.
    Okay then, guess I have to figure out some other reason why Yamiko's in Indigo Plateau (I'm thinking she could spy on the Elite Four meeting to see what their plans are). But yeah, this gives us more freedom, and I can already think of possibilities... I'm assuming this would have to involve making lots of NPC's on both sides...

    Well anyway, best wishes on your graduation! High school graduation is a huge milestone, after all. And I myself am graduating from college in a few weeks...
    So I'm a little confused on what we're supposed to do in the Darkrai Legion RPG... I was kind of under the impression that everyone had been called to the Indigo Plateau to meet with the Elite Four (hence why I had Yamiko head there in my first post), but it seems that's not what's happening... I don't really know what to post if I don't know what the plan is.
    It was nice. NYC was loud and crouded, obviously.

    Don't worry, I'm, not going to be that active until school gets out for me. I hve to get off now so I can make up my homework/kumonwork for tommorow. I really need to bring my math grade up.

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