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  • shiny timid eevee with 31 ivs in spatk and speed, plus your IV bred larvitar? do you still need those I saved for you months back?
    Hey dude.. Havent seen you online for a while.. Got any new Ev'd pokemon shiny or non shiny? Take a look at my trade site in my signature and let me know if you like anything
    will you trade the feebas and larvitar? what are their IVs? do they know egg moves? and didn't you say you were to give me a very good charizard? let me know. thanks.

    I still have the pokes that i reserved for you a long time ago. tell me if they are still the one you want or choose from my list. thanks.
    Sorry, I was offline, I'll go onto wifi now though; hopefully you can make it! =)
    And sorry that my team will seem bizarre, it's for the Baby League...
    PM me whenever you get ready to trade. I usually check a few times a day, so I'll probly get it pretty soon after you send. I'll be ready whenever you are!
    Okay, whenever you want to collect your prize, i'm on wi-fi =)
    I'm afraid it has no egg-moves, most moves that Archangel knows were learnt at the the Pastoria Tutor,
    Wow, I truly truly hate Gengars! They always bully my team =P
    But yep, you definitely earned that win, I did what I could but was still outclassed...I wish I could have utilised flygon and ninetales a bit more...Anyway, good game, i still enjoyed it!
    What prize would you like? And I'll update your win count,
    Sorry! I got distracted! But I can't actually see you on wi-fi at the moment...
    Anyway, I vow to pay more attention,
    Okay, I'll be on wi-fi in about 5 minutes, just got to sort out my team again! It's been a long while...
    Hey, give me a shout if you're around and would like to battle; I'll probably be about!
    There is a sleep clause, but no item clause by the way =)
    Fc: 5240 9173 0489
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