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  • Neat! That does sound like my thing, you're right. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the rec!
    Reminder that Ironside is one of the coolest (heh) stories I've read so far. I like it a lot, but was never able to comment on it, so, since I can never recall from memory what is the necro time for Fan Fiction threads, why not a VM? :p

    But really it is a very good story. You can never have enough glorious Salamence in your life.
    Ah, right, got it! Yeah, that actually sounds familiar, now you mention it. My bad, I must have just forgotten about that.
    Hey, would you mind if I reviewed the Halvarsaga? I've been meaning to read it and I figured you'd appreciate more reviews.
    I'm hoping to make some revisions to it and then post it, maybe next weekend if I manage it, but if you want to just read the version submitted to the contest, it was short enough to be posted in full with the reviews.
    Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your contest entry. I haven't read your work before, but I dig your style and the character interactions were an absolute delight throughout, and the whole thing was just real and relateable and clicked on an emotional level. I don't read enough fanfic these days but I should really give some of your other stuff a read.
    Haha... didn't even realize that Buzzwole was so... detailed. :p Thanks a lot! I can get the shiny charm now! 8D
    Oh, thanks! I felt kinda bad about it since it was so hasty and rushed and I wasn't sure if it clearly followed the prompts you put (I tried to put the one about growing up, but I'm not sure how well it came across), and I also looked up a lot about Sami culture (that was where all of the weird words came from) as well as origins of Yuletide. I considered making notes on this at the beginning of the fic, but then I didn't so I'm sorry if it came across as confusing. But thanks so much for the kind words!
    Good luck in the contest! From what little I know of your work (though I've been meanng to fix that "little" part by giving the Halvarsaga a read) your entry should certainly have a creative spin to the theme.
    Oh yeah I meant to comment on that but I forgot. Yeah you can send me your pseudo-signup in the thread.
    Yeah. Spirit meditation travel is supposed to be an air bender exclusive (other than the avatar) skill. At least until the canon changes it.
    Hey, no, it is for a future pokemon fic of mine. If you think it may be applicable to the pokemon world, let me know? Or give me a basic rundown of how the author uses the process?
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