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  • I'm starting a post today. I'm not really waiting for any specific number of people, and we seem to have a good mix of characters to get things started. It's possible that once the RPG starts more people will express interest, so there's always that circumstance too.
    Yo, I had been told to edit my latest RP entry to hold my battle inside the Battle Tent, so I just wanted to let you know that you'll probably want to edit your entry too.
    I understood the context. (I'm a little miffed you felt the need to explain it to me but it is my fault since i didnt explain so . . .) I thought the word choice was perfect and I wanted others / you to be sure of its genius, but you probably already knew its implications but I just felt it w as so genius that I wanted to point it out and I UNDERSTOOD WHAT YOU MEANT AND WHAT JASON WAS SAYING AND

    Did i mention I love books with dragons? Anyway, I understand the chance thing wasn't gramatically flawed but it was jarring to me as a reader so I pointed it out.

    I really liked your piece! I'll probably buy your book I read all books with dragons. Word choice was perfect and I understood the context I promise :D
    Ah, no problem. I was actually planning to have it done last night, but my browser got shut down by scheduled system maintenance and I was too tired to retype the whole post. I should get it done today.
    I kinda forgot all about it, Tbh. I don't think I'll be able to get back on track either. You can scrap me from the character list.
    I think I'm going to pull from FAR. I've got too much else going on this summer, and a few other writing commitments I'd like to focus on. Good luck with the rest of it, though!
    Oh, no worries! I was aware FAR started, and I have slowly been working on my RP post. My apologies for not posting it sooner...work's been getting in the way for the most part. But if I put in a little time, I'm positive I can have it up by Sunday. If not, I'll let you know ahead of time! Sorry again for the delay... ^^;
    I do ;-; I'm feeling a bit better today though. Maybe I'll get one up soon. To be honest, I freaking love the RPG forum.
    So I haven't been feeling that great lately (yay colds) nor have I had much free time. Just wanted to let you know that it will be a while before I'm back into the swing of things and will be able to post in the RPG. I'm still raring to go, though, so be patient with me please.
    I should be able to get one some time tomorrow even! Also, I'm gone from tomorrow night, so that's another reason :p
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