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  • I may be interested in From Ashes Rise, but I'm going to be gone all of next week. If I sign up and the RP starts before then, will that still be ok?
    Sorry about this. I'm gonna have to drop from From Ashes Rise. I've started working full time, and on top of my other things a political intrigue RPG is going to be too much. I'm really sorry, but I'm going to drop my reservation. Perhaps I'll get back into RPGs when I've adapted to my new schedule. Again, very sorry.
    Alright, I actually did see that but I've already got it planned out, just need to get it into Nukka's profile! Thank you for the reminder though.

    And I'm glad it's checking out so far. I was worried that perhaps her artifact might be too overpowered, and was prepared to tone it down if necessary. ^^; But good to see it checked out!
    Can my characters travel with a pet cat. The cat won't have any powers but she will be a little quirk to the team?
    I can so a sign up for her.
    Can I give one of my characters and artifact that stops other artifacts powers from working while not exactly giving my character any powers?
    As i said Im in the process of doing it and I have a couple of questions in the beginning of my post could you answer them for me please?
    Well, at least one more joined now- Maybe it just needs some more time. It's a cool concept, and the plot is good enough, imo.
    Oh please, nerfing the PermaWeather abilities right before introducing the two that started it all?

    They're planning something, I can feel it.
    I just don't see why they would turn Sceptile into such a...gimmicky Pokemon.

    I feel as if they're going to give Primal Kyogre an ability that will make Drizzle permanant again, and this is preperation for Thunder-in-Rain-Dance spam.
    I'm not really good t georaphcs (My worst subject NeXT to Math) so I'll simplify it a lot. It'll probably be Galletia, near New York, where he lived if I recall correctly
    Shame no one else seems interested yet though
    Oooh, Yeah, the location for the camp would be a Nice touch. Any ideas? If not, I'll read into it tomorrow
    I have to agree with you on all points there, and honestly, I'm on the 'no more new types' wagon at this point. We got Fairies, and it failed to shake things up the way that I personally thought it would. It just goes to show that GF doesn't know what they're doing anymore. With 600+ Pokemon, you can't just go, 'They nullify dragons and don't really do much else,' like they did with Dark types, where they don't do much aside from stop Psychic-types, which worked when there were only like...5 in existence, and only 2 good ones at that.

    Speaking of questionable creative decisions and mega evos, what do you think of Mega Sceptile getting Lightning Rod?
    I finished the SU now, so take a look at it. I might have messed up the cronological timeline but.. Just lemme know, and i'll fix it
    That being said, exactly what should be included in the history section? This is always the part that i struggle With..
    I put him up as Wanderer, Unaligned then. Mayeb he'll join something at a later point
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