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  • A faction? I modelled my character to be more of a mercenary or assassin. Is there any of the NPC's to match that?
    Yeah, that might be a good idea. The character I based him of didn't have something like that (Well, she did, but that kind of obeisance would be weird in this RP)
    my character is very ninja-based, btw. I'll be posting the WIP soon
    okay, so I'm working on the SU now, and here's my idea for his artifact:
    "The Red Sun: The red sun is a gemstone Alec wears around his neck. The gemstone grants him the ability to turn a wast variety of things into lethal weapons by engulfing them in a red energy. He utilize this with a pair of wooden katanas he carry around. Seemingly harmless at first, the katanas can cut through almost anything with little effort under the influence of the red sun."

    Just checking in With you before finishing the SU
    Well, at the very least, I could see Mega Gallade being introduced in these games.

    But yeah, I'm guessing we won't have Gen V or VI Megas for quite some time. It is unfortunate, because some of them could make for cool/interesting Mega Evolutions, but oh well. Even as a big proponent of Mega Evolution, I think that it should be dialed back a bit after this Gen, so it could be a good thing.

    As for what they could do to promote other than showing off new Megas, maybe they'll do Gym Leader designs? They have to know that a lot of us are curious to see what they all look like now, and it's not as if we don't know who they are.

    Also, they have big features like Secret Bases and Contests that they can promote, if those have indeed returned.
    And then Mega Sableye comes along and makes it worse. :p

    Yeah, basically, my thoughts are the same as yours. We'll get a few Mega Evolutions for some of the Hoenn crowd (although I think they've already surpassed Kanto's previous record number) for promotional purposes, and Diancie is a one-off exception (for now) since it's in the spotlight.

    I could see us getting a few more when Z/X2Y2 roll around. Specifically a pair for Zygarde. But I highly doubt that there will be another Mega-splosion until Gen VII (if then).
    Well, I won't give away everything I have planned, but a conflict between Diego and Claudia does seem inevitable.

    Best way to make him mad, insult his family, especially his mother. (When my dad grew up in Mexico, he said that for some of the street folk, they will attempt to kill you for badmouthing their mother)
    Be careful though. There are many dangerous awaiting the Champions...

    In the modern world, money is power after all.
    Yeah it's really important.

    Diego pretty much went and made Claudia broke. She now has no money to her name.
    Yep, I hear ya'. I myself am beginning to grow quite weary of explaining things like why Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre have nothing to do with Primal Dialga, and the essentials of Primal Reversion itself, and why it's not the fact that I have to walk an extra fifteen steps to buy things that bothers me about the Poké Mart division. Specifically on that first point, sometimes I feel as though I could write a whole book about the misconceptions that the majority of fans have about the series. :p

    Anyway, I'm not expecting a boon of Mega Evolutions from these games, or from XY's follow-up. A few more, sure, but ultimately, I see it as the new answer to mid-Generation forms like Rotom's and the Forces of Natures'. Just a bit of new content to keep us held over until the next Generation rolls around.
    Oh, fairy types could definitely have been done so much better.

    I agree with you that while Posion and Steel have few type-advantages, they're meant to be defensive. Plus, Steel gained an advantage at the cost of it's ghost and dark resistances. Bye bye, Metagross and Bronzong...

    Although at this point, we all know that Fairy was just introduced because they wanted to nerf dragons, ad instead of releasing better ice types they introduced a whole new type altogether.

    And that's my main problem with Fairies. They were released for that reason alone, and it came at the cost of rather nonsensical Weakness/Resistance/Advantages.

    I supported Fairy types because I like the idea of changing things up drastically by adding a new type, but it was SO poorly done.

    That being said, we don't need any more new types at all, so I hope Gen. 7 leaves that alone, as well as gives us a much bigger list of newly introduced Pokemon, maybe more electric types, we don't have enough good ones in recent years.
    Oh. THAT article. Yeah, I seen it. I believe my friends here and here made a very good rebuttal to each one. Have a look, why don't you?

    And I mean READ THEM THOROUGHLY before responding. Actually, think about them. Don't glance and pretend you have.
    That's not really that much better. lol
    But anyway. They'll be an odd duo, that's for sure.
    I'll act in that role. However, do not assume things will be as straight-laced as you may think. Don't worry, I'm sure it will be fun.
    So I read your post again, and I concede your point. However, it's a fair bit of editing, so it may take a while. Thx 4 being patient in advance! :3
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