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Recent content by Firebrand

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    What If Your Characters Read Your Story?

    Alex: "This probably makes me sound cooler than I actually am."
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    Overflowing With Emotion! Ridiculous Anime Titles Thread!!

    This is a perfect fit for Hawlucha Man. Let's see here... Chapter 1: Clarus City's Newest Hero! I'm the Amazing Hawlucha Man! Chapter 2: On Guard! Clarus City's Mightiest Defenders! Chapter 3: Archnemesis! VS The Baron Chapter 4: Downtown Brawl! An Attack in Broad Daylight?! Chapter 5: A...
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    Serebii Discord Server

    I'm not sure why you're reframing the discussion to look at the Discord and the forum as separate entities now. I thought the whole point of this thread was to bring them back into one cohesive thing, where we communicate across the platforms as seamlessly as those two platforms allow. The...
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    Serebii Discord Server

    While I think anon's ideas are good ones, and I support getting rid of #fic-love and #bunny-farm, I'm not sure how I feel about axing #shameless-advertising considering it's far more visible to the more vocal members of our community than the forum thread. And while the idea is of course to move...
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    Serebii Discord Server

    Well, a live chat does have its advantages, like the previously organizing a word war. The issue is we don't really use the discord for that as it stands, it's mostly just a hangout. And iirc, we've also had "quick question" threads here on the forum before but they don't get used so much. I...
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    Serebii Discord Server

    I'm... very ambivalent about this. I'm not that interested in the Discord anymore because I feel like the discussion is fairly stagnant, and while an argument could be made that some new blood on the server could change that, I'm not optimistic. The few people who have trickled in have mostly...
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    The Amazing Hawlucha Man

    Chapter 16 The gleaming face of Sasaki Tower loomed in front of him, a monument to the spirit of industry and innovation. Alex squared his shoulders, took a deep breath, and checked again to make sure his shirt was buttoned right. He joined the press of people walking through the bank of...
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    Clickbait version of your fic titles/You Have To Try Out This Fun Game

    Criminals HATE them! Five easy tips for cleaning up YOUR streets! - Amazing Hawlucha Man
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    Tone Shifts

    I'm a fan of jerking the mood from triumphant to tragic really quickly within the space of a chapter. Like, if the protagonist has just achieved a major victory, I like to yank to rug out from under them to undercut it with a cruel bit of fate (losing a teammate, Pyrrhic victory, unintended...
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    The Amazing Hawlucha Man

    Chapter 15 Wyatt Reeves knew he wasn’t a good man. On his best day, he figured he was a righteous man. He was definitely on the good guys’ side, but he was no Blaziken Man. He came from a long line of lawmen, men who had always stood in the light, the shield of the people they were sworn to...
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    Mojo [Yuletide 2017]

    A/N: This was my Yuletide gift for roule, who wanted a pokemon fic set in the real world. So... write what you know, right? The alarm on his phone chimed, and Todd fumbled with the touch screen to turn it off before it woke Raz, sleeping on the pallet by the windows. Todd had been awake for the...
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    The Amazing Hawlucha Man

    Chapter 14 Alex glanced down at his phone display, then at to the number plate on the building in front of him, and then back to his phone again. The numbers matched, and he hadn’t been sure what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t a seemingly vacant used car lot attached to a machine shop...
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    Forum Stats

    I agree with the double chapter bonus getting nixed in a future incarnation of the leaderboard. I can see the logic behind why it was implemented, but I think in the long termit leaves fics that aren't long-runners out to dry (and... kind of contributes to the whole creating a fic ingroup...
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    The Completed Fics Catalog

    The Halvarsaga, by Firebrand Abducted by northmen, Wulfric must learn to adapt to their savage and alien ways. But his captor, the dispossessed heir to the throne of the north, has a burning ambition to take back his rightful place, and Wulfric soon finds himself drawn into Halvard's...
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    Forum Stats

    I also don't really participate in the leaderboard, but it seems pretty straightforward to me. The format that reviews are reported in seems intuitive, and one would only have to worry about the more elaborate scoring stuff if they were trying to maximize their score and win for the month...