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  • Sometimes I like to post VMs on people's profiles even though I haven't talked to them in years.
    Really, the rest of the team is your choice. On my Sunny Day team, I've got Ninetales, Venusaur, Volcarona, Garchomp, Darmanitan, and Arcanine. Volcarona serves as a second Special Sweeper, only because of it's Quiver Dance that is. Garchomp is the counter for other weather inducers for me- one sword's dance, and it's anything's worst nightmare when it pulls out Outrage. Judging from the fact that Politoeds in OU usually come equipped with Ice Beam is enough to draw out- 4x weakness? Who couldn't resist? Then Outrage the crap outta that team until it's either dead or crippled. Darmanitan serves as one of the physical sweepers, for with a Choice Scarf, it outspeeds major threats for it- mainly bulky water types. Give it the ability Sheer Force, it's a Flare Blitz nightmare. Lastly, Arcanine is the second physical sweeper, and the Baton Pass destroyer. With ExtremeSpeed, anything with enough Shell Smash on it is OHKO'd- however, we should recognize that the other trainers are competent enough to realize the dangers of priority moves, so they would probably have a focus sash set aside- strategize your way around that on your own. It also is simply a baws Pokemon with good stats overall, and great attacks in Sunny Day.
    How about Altaria with Cloud Nine, Fire Blast/Heat Wave, and maybe Sunny Day? Toss in a Dragon Dance, it's a kinda solid choice. There's no such thing as a perfect weather counter, but Weavile could be an addition, add hail since he's faster, and KO the opposing weather inducer. Sadly, he wouldn't have a niche in your team since it's completely Fire-Based, sooo... it's up to you?
    Yes, Donphan sounds good for a rapid spinner- bulky, resistant to fire. My Sunny Day team doesn't have a rapid spinner- when a stealth rock is sent out, I simply switch in a Garchomp which has 1/4 damage from Stealth Rock. Swords Dance it up, sweep. But it's your choice, Donphan is equally good.

    Now, we still want to take up Drought's full potential, which means we want a HP Fire in there. Rapid Spin takes up another spot, leaving two move spots. Now, I suggest filling another spot with Roar, just for the sake of switching out sweepers. What item and moves do you want? Do you want it defensive or offensive?
    I'm personally on the Fire Punch side of the fence. Extra STAB- and I did the calculations for the base power of Fire Punch, and here's something crazy-

    75 * 1.3 Choice Band * 1.3 Iron Fist * 1.5 STAB * 1.5 Sunny Day = a whopping 285 Base Power. Holy cow.
    Good, good, Infernape it is.

    Infernape is known for having the ability Iron Fist, and for being one of the few fighting types that can learn Mach Punch. This being STAB and all, it's a pretty big deal- with all of the factors added in, and if Infernape's wearing a Choice Band, Infernape's Mach Punch has a base power of 94. Extremely great, if you ask me.

    Here's something I concocted for a physical sweeper of an Infernape;

    Infernape @ Choice Band
    Ability: Iron Fist
    Nature: Jolly (+Spe, -Sp Atk)
    252 Atk/252 Spe/ 4 HP

    ~Flare Blitz
    ~Close Combat
    ~Mach Punch
    ~Ice Punch/Fire Punch/Thunder Punch/U-Turn

    Good set for a Infernape- the fourth move is up in the air like most Pokemans I've shown you so far, it's up to you if you want another punching move, whether it be for coverage or stab, and there's always the extra-powered U-Turn.
    Hey, that's a great idea! In fact, I might have to change my Venusaur's moveset. :)

    Okay, we've got a lead, and a special sweeper. Now's the time for a physical sweeper. Infernape, Arcanine, Victini, and Darmanitan come to mind. OF course, you could want a second special sweeper, if you want? There's plenty more of them than there are of the physical Fire Types.
    Okay, no problems with Ninetales? Good, we can move to Venusaur.

    I've seen plenty of variations on the Venusaur set- some people prefer the all-out attacker Venusaur, some people prefer a defensively set Venusaur that can take out opposing Pokemon with weaker yet still powerful blows, then there's the Venusaurs that differ between a physical attacker and a special attacker.

    If you want a physical attacker of a Venusaur, I'd suggest:

    Venusaur @ Life Orb
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    252 Atk/252 Spe/4 HP
    Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -Sp. Atk)

    ~Power Whip
    ~Leech Seed/Seed Bomb/Double Edge

    The fourth is really up in the air- if you want a support move, or a move that can help get HP back, choose Leech Seed. If you want a second STAB move, go for Seed Bomb. If you want a more powerful attack, overall, Double Edge is the way to go- but be warned- the recoil from Life Orb and Double Edge combined can really sap from your Venusaur quickly.

    If you want a special sweeper of a Venusaur, you'd want:

    Venusaur @ Life Orb
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    252 Spe/252 Sp. Atk/4 HP
    Nature: Calm (+Sp Atk, -Atk)

    ~Giga Drain
    ~Sludge Bomb
    ~SolarBeam/Leech Seed/Petal Dance

    You won't have to worry about Life Orb's draining powers for this set- spam with a Giga Drain, and with a +1 Growth alone, you could OHKO a Scizor. Solarbeam, presuming you still have Sunny Day, would be tied for the best special for STAB Venusaur has. Leech Seed would make you an HP earning machine if you use Giga Drain, plus you would have a slight edge over the opponent. Petal Dance is the grass equivalent of Outrage, and under a single Growth and having STAB and a Life Orb, has monstrous power. However, the bad side of this is that it gets confusion 2-3 turns later- best to use this move near the end of the battle.

    A good mixed set for Venusaur would be this;

    Venusaur @ Life Orb
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    252 Spe/126 Sp. Atk/ 126 Spe/ 4 HP
    Nature: Calm (+Sp Atk, -Atk)

    ~Power Whip
    ~Hidden Power Fire
    ~Earthquake/Hidden Power Ice/Outrage

    This is a wild card set, not many people would expect this, but nonetheless, it's still risky. With only one STAB, you'd be upriver without a paddle if you were against something that opposed Venusaur's abilities. Earthquake would further the power of the mix, but not supereffective to anything that opposes it's typing. Hidden Power Ice would get rid of any Flying and Dragon terrors that threaten to attack you, it's a solid choice. Outrage is a great attack to any dragon type that threatens you, and you'll be able to OHKO a few people no sweat. However, it's the confusion you must look for.

    I'm guessing you want to abuse Venusaur's Chlorophyll just for the attacking opportunities, so I won't list the defense choices- though if you are curious, I can write them down too.

    So just check these out, and see what kind of Venusaur you'd want.
    Rivaling weather teams. Politoed is slower than Ninetales, which means that if you send a Ninetales out against a Politoed, the weather condition is rainy. Use sunny day, and the water type move it uses after is nullified to a neutral move.
    Okay, good. You've got your beginnings, let's start on Ninetales. I too, have a sun team, and I'll suggest my Ninetales set.

    Ninetales @ Leftovers
    Ability: Drought
    Nature: Bold (+Def, -Atk)

    ~ Flamethrower
    ~ Sunny Day
    ~ Will-O-Wisp
    ~ Roar

    Okay, now what do you think of this set? Do you want to add more offense, or take away from it and contribute more to your defense?
    Well, I think I just might be able to help with that. If you need advice for this kind of thing, I can help, or Inferno Bird can help. Inferno Bird's better than me, but I learned how to construct proper teams from him.
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