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  • but we don't have a router.

    and btw I getting a DSi.

    ohh okay I see were to?

    and when will you be back and merry christmas.

    is there a shipping you like me to do a drabble for christmas present.
    yeah maybe.

    yeah what did you parents say about that?

    it summer over here. but It been cold for the last few days I isn't it was winter there.
    ohh I see.

    I haven't play it yet.

    yeah I promise

    Also I have no Wifi for the DS anymore for the time being due to my parents changing to a new interent connection and forgetting even after I told them I need a router. Now they don't feel like going to EB games to buy a DSi becasue they have no need to go or buy a router, because they don't want to spend money on something I would have pay for.
    lol taht happen to everyone.

    I see well how the weather over there?
    I mean fro this year.

    I got it a few days ago.

    no it no problem just don't feel like talking about it atm.

    ohh Okay lol

    and aren't you suppose to be in bed
    yeah so when do you finish school?

    and no I use the gift card my friend gave me for my birthday for it.

    yeah and well I tell you later when I feel like it okay. just it happen a few month ago and I don't really feel like talking about it. hope you can undersntad and I tell you later I promise.

    yeah I love her so much.

    yeah okay.

    so how life.

    yeah I let you know.

    were you up to. I finsish the game.

    yeah well I not going to forgive the other. if you were insult by someone more than one time would you forgive them?

    yeah she is. though she didn't get me anything at least she turn up.

    that fine with me just send it when your ready.
    yeah and more time on SPPF.

    Pokemon MD Sky.

    yeah true.

    ohh yeah I play it were you up to.

    yeah well we friend each other but we are going to go slow and take it one step at a time as friends. so it okay now.

    I was so happy that my girlfriend came to my party.

    and okay thanks.
    wow so that great. and now it over

    I got a 50 dollar EB game gift card.

    that super great. and you can be on SPPF more.

    wow what do you think of it so far. and isn't it saturday over there?

    and I just talk to one of the people who I mistook for insult me well some of action around the time did hurt my feeling but she and I talk and she would have told me and talk to me sooner but I psot saying I want nothing to do with her and someone else whe n I remove her x Me shiping for the member x member.

    did you get my pm?
    yeah it was very hurt but thanks for caring.

    Movie night what that? and are you parents okay with taht.

    ohh don't think your going to get ban Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.

    and yeah sorry for the late reply.
    yeah no problem.

    yeah and they were from here.

    so why were your friend at your place?

    yeah and that mean you be more on here?

    yeah just reply when you can.
    thanks for the trade.

    thanks jsut had some so call friend back stab me.

    you got to have faith in your self. "Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality."

    /\ heard that from a game.

    yeah okay have fun and hope you enjoy yourself.

    will you be on tomorrow?
    okay waiting.

    and thank for the early birthday, finally something good happen.

    don't mind me the last few week and month have been hectic for me here.

    so congart on your test being done.

    Are you going to Reply to them after we finish trading?
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