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  • Ah. No problem, thanks for the help. I think my order has been placed with Play-Asia. Hopefully I'll get it sometime in the next two weeks.
    Thanks for replying so quickly. I find this interesting, as you ordered via Yes-Asia and not Play-Asia. Any reason for that?
    You live in NZ like me, right? Well you mentioned in a thread that you have imported the new games. I'm considering doing the same thing, so I'd find it useful if you could tell me roughly how much you paid for the game (including shipping), how long you waited and the sort of service you received. Assuming that you ordered from Play Asia.

    Thanks for your time.
    dude, i ****ing love you for this:

    Sorry Kylie but can't.

    Good to see that after nearly nine years you still undermine staff. Well done. I mean your new pokemon fans are so important to the welfare and sheer stupidity of this pokemon community.
    Yeah, that's true. I didn't go on the main site much though, but I stopped going there after other, more active places began emerging.
    Wow! That's so cool! In all fairness, I didn't post there much, but I still remember a good few members from there. The place seems pretty dead now. :(
    Hi! My first account on TPM was something like Eric Blob, but I've been inactive for so long I forgot my password, and my account has probably been pruned or something. I think I joined with that account around 2002. I rejoined a few months ago as SHUCKLE MAN, as I went there to reminisce once and felt the urge to rejoin, for the sake of it. :D
    Eh...happens to the best of us I guess. I don't think you're annoying. Actually, I never did. I guess as we get older our curmudgeon personalitieis get pushed aside with more adult thoughts. But, we can still rant and rave when the situation demands it.
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