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Recent content by FireTheAbsolLord

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    What browser are you using?

    I'm lame and I use Internet Explorer 64 bit. It's really only because I've used Internet Explorer really forever, as it's always been on my computer and I've always been too nervous to attempt to switch browers. I had gotten a new computer for Christmas which had Chrome installed onto it. I...
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    Should Legendaries be able to breed?

    The whole point of legendaries is a very rare Pokemon that pretty much rules and protects the world by having power over something in some way, shape, or form. Celebi and Dialga have power over time for example. Being able to breed them would give an excess of legendaries, and would as well...
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    Sure. What would that be?

    Sure. What would that be?
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    Things that scare you

    Insects, spiders, heights, and being surrounded by water, like in a boat, I'm okay on land or swimming. My fears aren't as bad as they are for some people, though they it isn't great, either.
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    What social groups do you notice on serebii?

    I wouldn't consider myself in a group. I recently only started to come back here, because I had better websites to go to, close friends on those other websites, and through those websites have met friends who support me, and actually care about me and care about the problems I have. So, no, I'm...
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    Is Whitney really that challenging?

    She's quite difficult, to say the least. Though people tend to make her out to be much more difficult than she actually is. It took me three tries, make more, to beat her in my SoulSilver. However, I was primarily using my Croconaw there to take out her Miltank. I let my other Pokemon handle her...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    They're cool. I don't have a problem with them. We've always had them. I mean, for just one example from each generation, there's Ditto, Unown, Baltoy, Bronzor, and Vanilluxe. There's loads more as well, especially in Kanto. We've always had them, and they're pretty cool. Though it bugs me how...
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    Last CD you bought

    .hack//SIGN original sound & song track 1. Basically all of the songs from .hack (games and anime) are beautiful or just really good in general. <333
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    New Year's Pokemon Resolutions!

    To get into competetive battling again. /You have good ideas, FtAL, so this is the final step!/ Also to finish the Black/White Pokedex by obtaining all the Pokemon.
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    My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic - Lets go to 2 : Electric Scootaloo!

    Hold on guys. I'm busy watching Winter Wrap Up on Youtube and using the snow button to make their efforts futile.
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    "New" YouTube layout?

    What Larry said. The home page is eeeeeh, I mean I can live with that change, but the channels were a stupid move on their part. I am forever keeping my channel the same.
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    If You Could Be Any Book Character.

    Everyone should be saying Bella Swan. Everyone. Because one night she forgot to turn off her hatred for everything and she woke up covered in boysvampires and werewolves.
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    kindergartners in B/W?!

    Oh, right. Earlier in the thread people were saying that the trainers under ten don't have tough Pokemon. A youngster in Black/White is probably under ten, right? There's one by Celestial Tower with a Scolipede.
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    /Late reply. It's okay. Hardly any snow, and I live where there's usually a lot of it. We had a...

    /Late reply. It's okay. Hardly any snow, and I live where there's usually a lot of it. We had a blizzard last year as well... How's the weather for you?