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  • You have to leave your 3ds on and closed for other players to consistently join you from your friendslist. They also have to play rumble, which I don't often do anymore. I'm nearly finished with it. Only a few pokemon left to capture.
    I thought it was hilarious. Your mii was just like "FISHY~!" over and over as you were splashed all over. Priceless.
    You just joined my castle in Pokemon rumble.

    When rescued, you were being besieged by 4 Magikarp who only knew splash. The irony was priceless. You are now my phantom thief LOL
    I made another one but my computer was running out of batteries so can you post it and I will edit it when I get to it.
    Can you pm me when you are done?
    Hi Fissurous :3 I am not sure if we had a pending trade before my DS broke back in November? Please let me know when you can, thanks!
    hey there fissurous i noticed there is a new rule that ellie added im a bit confused about it i just wanted to make sure is that count toward opening threads in the trade shop section and is it linking images? I have charts in my trade shop and curious if I can't use them now because of the rule? I hope not that would stink trying to make my shop look a bit better so people know what i have for trade to breed. I hate when my shop is so bare with just words and no art. I don't want to get in trouble for something I was confused on.
    I see those all the time, and I understand it. Foreign names are, for the most part, extremely annoying. However, I didn't know the tags could legitly run as they do now. Ridiculous. Makes hack checking that much more of a pain in the rear.
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