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  • ok i am clicking on different parts and i can't go to them on the site. it gets stuck on loading
    You have to leave your 3ds on and closed for other players to consistently join you from your friendslist. They also have to play rumble, which I don't often do anymore. I'm nearly finished with it. Only a few pokemon left to capture.
    I thought it was hilarious. Your mii was just like "FISHY~!" over and over as you were splashed all over. Priceless.
    You just joined my castle in Pokemon rumble.

    When rescued, you were being besieged by 4 Magikarp who only knew splash. The irony was priceless. You are now my phantom thief LOL
    I made another one but my computer was running out of batteries so can you post it and I will edit it when I get to it.
    Can you pm me when you are done?
    Hi Fissurous :3 I am not sure if we had a pending trade before my DS broke back in November? Please let me know when you can, thanks!
    hey there fissurous i noticed there is a new rule that ellie added im a bit confused about it i just wanted to make sure is that count toward opening threads in the trade shop section and is it linking images? I have charts in my trade shop and curious if I can't use them now because of the rule? I hope not that would stink trying to make my shop look a bit better so people know what i have for trade to breed. I hate when my shop is so bare with just words and no art. I don't want to get in trouble for something I was confused on.
    I see those all the time, and I understand it. Foreign names are, for the most part, extremely annoying. However, I didn't know the tags could legitly run as they do now. Ridiculous. Makes hack checking that much more of a pain in the rear.
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