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  • Haha, I'm sure we'll make it happen sooner or later. I can be on for the next hour, if you're around?
    Yup, I can if asked. :3
    I'd be available now, or otherwise later in the evening (I'm GMT +1 time). So let me know what your preference is again. It sounds as if you'd like the shiny 5IV Premier Ball Icy-Snow in exchange for your White shiny Florges which I'd be lending, essentially, and giving you back. Sound about right?
    Yeah, we can arrange that if you like (so you'd like me to clone it if I understand you correctly, right?). If you need Scatterbug or Spewpa, I do have a shiny Scatterbug too, but its IVs aren't perfect. Do you need it for the Pokedex?
    Hi there~
    Thanks for getting back to me. :)
    Wow, level 12, that's quite specific. ^_^ In terms of a perfect Vivillon, I have a rare 5 IV snow pattern Vivillon in a Premier Ball. It's level 50 though, but if you like I could use a reset bag on it.
    I would pick it up if it wasn't $30 here still. Obnoxious. Plus, I've got a great reliable cloner now (Even though hes about to get buried in new mons).

    Do you have a list of shiny flawless mons yet?
    Yea, the IV rater is great. I know over the years I got a few pokes from you that ended up being flawless xD.

    Powersave is probably the best method to clone right now. You can generate things pretty quickly doing so, and as long as you aren't using the infinite items or the force shiny code then its not hacking. Solely cloning is perfectly fine, and at this point I'm shocked its not an in game feature.

    Also, the Shiny ID thing was patched almost immediately. Its not that hard to breed shiny flawless now though. Destiny knot passes 5 IVs, so if you have a few 6iv pokemon to start with.. You can breed 5-6 iv every time. With the shiny charm and mm, it can consistently take less than 100 eggs.
    lol oh yes. Got anything I might be missing? :O.

    Also, alas, I do not. Not that are looking for new clients unfortunately xD. You could probably find one if you poke around though
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