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  • Right. Then according to those wonky language laws, then they should be fine. Tag is jap, name is english. I was so confused on why it was like that.

    Why would they do that to us? its so confusing!
    You think so? Well, I think thats re-assuring.

    Did you actually look at them if you didn't know what we were doing? The problem I'm talking about should jump out XD
    You're looking at the pokemons! Check out their summaries. I want to know if they are supposed to be like they are xD
    I got this one in the same batch as the other one. Both look like they are just.. slightly off. But with the new language settings I don't know if that is normal or not. I've never seen mons like these ones though
    I look at the hack check thread xD.

    'Play matching' sounds like the worlds biggest pain in the *** tbh.

    I got this guy a few months back, and honestly I don't remember who from. But looking through my mons while sorting for ruby, I was like. Hey wait, this one looks.. wonky. I should have it checked out. Not sure how well it works in trade but we'll see xD
    Oooo. Sounds like borderline hacking.

    And its really hard to explain. I would need to show you for you to understand. It concerns me that you're the primary source of hack checker and you suck at it. Lmao, why fishy why?!
    Oh yea. If I show you some mons in a trade, could you tell me if they are legit? I've got one that looks... strange to me and I want your opinion on it.
    I have all (or better versions) of those! :p

    I want me a modest swablu! I've got two adamants and hes so gooood specially.
    Fishayyyy! What do you have in the way of shiny flawless for the new megas (base forms of course ;). I'm missing a few, sure I've got some goodies for ya if you have some.
    its fine just curious XD and i understand it is a sub forum after all XD no worries i hope to create/submit my shop soon when i get back from my convention can't wait and thanks for approving the giveaway thread ^_^
    oh also fissurous its been like the 15th i submitted for my actual giveaway thread thinking about it, it has been a week i think not bugging just curious did i do something wrong with it? I don't remember if i added giveaway to the title but all what im giving out is just my spare 4iv and 5iv breeding extras in bank to clean out my boxes before oras comes out as well help others out. Also plan on my trade shop soon :D I can't wait after coming back from my convention on nov. 2. I will be gone for a good 4 days which be halloween weekend so i am waiting till i get back. deeply sorry for bother you though again im just curious.
    okie thanks and i see yeah the the method i do doesn't use power save its like the old version of intsacheck but must follow the rules ;) Ill take it over smogon or reddit then i guess then thanks for the response and i understand XD i know where busy alot of times just wanted to make sure i hate to get in trouble for it.
    hey fissurous sorry for my posts in the hack check thread, i should avoid posting all together when i have a headache my mind is horrible which i post somethings pretty stupid which will not happen again and it wasn't helpful thinking about it. I saw your post and i got the message ^_^ Also before the forums went down did you get my pm btw about the giveaway thread? I know i submitted something but that wasn't what i was asking i know the rules not to bug ^_^ as well as one thread per giveaway. I wanted to ask before i do it (which i already did submit a thread now but for future reference) but i know reddit and smogon some people know shiny values of eggs and i was curious if it be alright to make a giveaway thread for that? I was not sure if it is allowed on serebii or not. I pmed but i never had a response idk why but vms seems always faster with some mods. Im deeply sorry to bug you i know you all are busy with outside life.
    Also this -UT Adamant Shiny Metagross lv.45 (5/26/2013) OT Ray ID 05113 w/Lum Berry [German] isn't German cuz I just transferred it and its English
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