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  • really? o_o
    but no, I actually don't want anything xD
    I have all the albums and stuff I want, so you don't have to :]
    thanks for asking though haha
    well, I hope it's not an anime with a jacked-up, unbelievable plot like Inazuma Eleven. Because I think I11 is the only anime I can stand with an ridiculously impractical plot, haha.

    Yeah, there were plot points scattered here and there. And wasn't it pretty predictable how they would fall?
    Fifth Sector would be defeated by magical soccer-playing shota boys who harness the power of friendship and bromancy feelings for each other as a team with the aid of slight angst, manly tears from Shindou, running gags, and gerontophilic harem feelings for Endou.
    .. . . well, it's complicated. so very complicated that I don't even remember ;;

    I went off to Taekwondo class, so I guess we can't talk today lol
    I'll be on tomorrow, though. At the same time.
    ah, I'll take your word for it and watch it when I have time.
    Dansen Wars? Is this another version of Danball Senki or something? xD

    there was build-up? hmmmmmm. funny this is, all I really focused on were the sakka matches and didn't pay much attention to other things, haha.
    I decided that I wasn't going to pay much attention to Fifth Sector since I thought it was some temporary organization that was going to fall in the end anyway. and it DID happen
    The whole thing could've been handled better, IMO. I guess that's the reason why some things aren't addressed.
    And I think Gouenji became part of 5th Sector to stop Senguuji and save soccer (that's what they said, at least).

    ah, dang it. I missed it since I was watching SKET Dance ^^;
    so how about we try the same time tomorrow? :p
    no . . . I kind of stopped paying attention to Eureka Seven after I saw 'romance' as one of the genres ^^;
    Danball Senki? I was thinking of watching it, but I've got a lot of anime on my list ATM. Have you seen it yet?

    my favorite characters are almost always the ones who die, though ;;
    well, this is Inazuma Eleven. The plot's ridiculous, and so are the whole mechanics of the world they live in. I honestly didn't pay any attention to those things. The thing is, people watch this knowing that nothing is going to make sense.
    At least, that's what I've concluded from my experience xD
    And I thought the whole Gouenji thing was explained? o_0

    ah, yeah. I'm pretty much available the whole day.
    omg YES, it's definitely going on my watchlist now!
    I love mecha anime . . . like, I cannot get enough of it. I've always loved Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Star Driver, Gundam, Tiger & Bunny, and Neon Genesis Evangelion xD

    the only thing I'll cry about in anime is character deaths. WHICH ALWAYS SEEMS TO HAPPEN TO SOME OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS ;;
    and I guess Inazuma kind of leaves things resolved? maybe not everything, but I guess most stuff is *shrugs*

    haha, I have. I've already replied
    hmmmm. well, I'll send her a VM if you don't hear from her xD

    what's it about? I heard it's a romance anime (???).
    Angel Beats is pretty good. There were some tear-jerking moments, that's for sure . . . I cried at least twice, which was surprising, since I don't cry often at all when watching anime.
    It was really good. Unlike most anime, the ending leaves everything actually resolved.

    whenever I get on skype, you're not online lol
    our time zones are so different
    oh, Mochi? she must have forgotten that I don't have a tumblr xD
    but she's probably figured out by now, right? lol

    eureka seven? I've been holding off watching it . . . there are some bad reviews for it
    plus my current anime list is getting pretty long >.< it's Angel Beats, Kuroshitsuji, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal ATM but I bet it's going to multiply in a matter of days
    so we shall talk on skype then? :p

    gay magical shota boys? gurl you got it completely
    UtaPri is one overrated reverse harem anime. Haruka is one useless main character -_____-
    skype? I never use it D:
    but I've went through my email and figured out my password again so I can log in lol
    my skype name is terrorbyte39 . . . I'm probably going to only use ito talk to you, though xD

    and somewhat, I guess. I'm on ep38 ofChrono Stone
    I was forced to watch UtaPri ;;
    so much shojo and sparkles and bshounen UGH

    technically, your b-day is tomorrow, but one day earlier doesn't hurt, yeah? :p
    I wanted to be first, hehe
    -Fairy Tail wasn't even on my mind when I started watching Chrono Stone, honestly xD
    I still need to catch up with it . . . I stopped on ep.138 or something
    -I think some of the keshins don't look very good armed.
    IMO, Tenma/Majin Pegasus Arc is bearable; Shindou/Sousha Maestro could use some major revamping; Tsurugi/Kensei Lancelot differs according to the angle; Alpha/Tenkuu no Shihaisha Houou was so damn funny; Fei/Lightspeed Fighter Robin suits him pretty well; Shinsuke/Goseishin Titanias is fine with me; and Nishiki/Sengoku Bushin Musashi would be way more boss without the horn things.
    -Fire bias gets in the way of everything, right? I'm surprised Hiroto hasn't overthrown Kazemaru's #1 spot by now . . .

    omfg how long do you get off?!?
    and yeah, I realized that a long time ago actually ^^;
    -Zanark does look like Gajeel o_0 I can't believe I noticed that just now!
    -Ah yeah, he is Korea's No.1 National Enemy. It must have been pretty weird for you to watch it . . . . and I just could never remember his name, so I just called him Grovyle-man ^^'
    -OMG Shindou's mini-dress xD I laughed so hard when I saw it.
    -Kidou also voices Hayamai? . . . I didn't know that
    -I don't really know Hakuryuu, since I haven't seen the first GO! movie yet, but at least I know what he looks like.
    And of course Taiyou is better, he's a genius that's born only once a decade :I

    ehhh. I'm just on a break this week, haha
    I have no idea why I did that @_@ like, seriously, the people who sub it even put it as 'Kongming' when I watched the episode
    major fail, lol
    -I like Beta the best out of all of them, and I definitely hate Ray Rukh the most. But yeah, all of El Dorado and whatever they do pisses me off. Hiring Zanark was a stupid move, he could've changed history in that time with Sakamoto and Okito -_________-
    -I used to think of Alpha as N, too. But that was until he was put into prison :p
    -Toyotomi Hideyoshi? You mean Grovyle-man?
    -Nishiki's right, Shindou does get all the girls like Fubuki
    -Nishiki does, actually . . . I've watched up to ep.37 now, haha. SENGOKU BUSHIN MUSASHI LOOKS GOOD ARMED OMG I AM SO RELIEVED.
    -Too bad Fei hates his keshin! And Fei's dad is stupid for leaving a son like him, 'nuff said
    -Wondeba having the same voice as Kidou makes things weird for me, honestly xD
    -ehhhhh, I don't really ship Kirino and Jeanne, but I could see why people would ship them~
    -Oh yeah, Kirino/Kariya! They had some moments, lol

    so, uh, yeah. I've seen 17 more episodes than the last time I VMed you, and honestly I am wondering about how Kinako knew about Fei's Lightspeed Fighter Robin keshin, and how she got King Arthur's crown.
    Kinako seems MYSTERIOUS *dun dun dun*
    plus, I hope this Mixi-Max business with all the auras and stuff looks better. I can take Taiyo/Koumei, Fei/Big, Shinsuke/Liu Bei, Tove/his "dad", and Tsurugi/Okito, but whenever I see Shindou/Nobunaga, Nishiki/Sakamato, and Kirino/Jeanne, I inwardly cringe.
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