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  • Hmm, seems quite eventful on your end. I don't really post here much despite lurking for a good 3 years orso. (Even before creating this account)
    Never messaged you before, so going to have my first comment on here.

    How are you doing? :eek:
    Why lvl 53? Why not one you hatch from an egg to EV train it or something? Anyways, if you want a cool Pokémon, ask me. I got a pretty sweet shiny Giratina, if you'd like to negotiate.
    I'm online for a short amount of time, so, if you would like to trade your Reshiram for my Zekrom, it would be now. Would you trade?
    Hey there! I can't wait to start playing RE-fresh with you. Just one thing. Try not to bunny other peoples characters. I didn't just grab my pokemon and run out, you need to let me do that myself. Besides that it sounds like you'll be fun to play with. ^_^
    ^ That's true XD

    EDIT: Ninja'd
    Pulling a Ninja'd on the God of the Sun? Lucky your a mistress of fire, or I would have incinerated you. :)
    Hey! I was just browsing SPPF (because this is like the one day I don't have much to do lol) and I saw that your birthday is one day after mine ^_^ XD
    Alright that was a good start, but next time you want to talk with someone like you did with Lila. Just to be on the safe side, you should ask the user if its alright. Make sure to read their previous posts to know what their characters doing and how they would talk so you don't completely change their character. Alright, but overall good job. :)
    hrrmm i actually don't have White just yet. Its en route in the mail so trading power items in 4th gen wouldn't be helpful to you. So I guess i'll have to give you a raincheck until it comes and I catch up. You get pokerus from breeding and it occurs randomly then you spread it by battling with the infected pokemon (this wll spread it to the rest of your team) I'll work on getting you an infected pokemon aswell and a list of ev training hotspots aswell. I'll vm you by the end of next week I should have a surplus oof items in gen 5 by then :3 Sorry bout that.

    Sidenote: I joined pokecenter forums :D I'm MasterKojondo
    You're accepted, but you'll have to delete your first post. And re-post it, you'll have to change the starters Cedar is giving out. It's not Chikorita, Piplup and Dratini. It's Dratini, Eevee and Abra. The other two girls there that day are Millie who gets Abra and Lila who gets Eevee. Change those things in your post and re-post it please.
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