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  • Hey Ms. Flame Mistress, pupintheturd has recently forced me allowed me to help out in his shop and he asked me to take care of your request.

    Was there a certain image of Victini that you had in mind for your banner? I noticed that you didn't provide one soo....
    Your right I don't do trainer cards. I could but there are alot of people out there way better than me at it so I choose not to. However I recommend going to Dark valley request shop. Just be sure to follow all the rules as the owner is fairly harsh.
    Thanks pokegirlforever for the advice

    Akiza I can't trade events because of that stupid ribbon
    they stick on the pokemon that prevents them from being traded :(
    Legendaries I can trade almost any sinnoh legendary pokemon and a few others
    Maybe I'll take the kirlia as well, or even gardevoir...
    To put it in your sig just go to your user cp and select edit signature at the side. Paste in this code but remove the *
    what legends/events?
    and not interested in skitty, delcatty, castform, gardevoir, or even a kirlia that you can evolve into a gallade? o.o
    ive got a gardevoir, lv30, female. what are you offering for it? and if ur looking for a skitty or a delcatty or castform i got both of those too lol
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