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Recent content by Flame Mistress

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    RPG Ideas and Wishes

    No fakemon. I'm not creative enough for that. That being said, thanks for all your interest. I might get back to you guys if I become confident that I have the skill and time to commit to this project.
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    RPG Ideas and Wishes

    I used to be a regular in these parts some years back, so heck it, why not ask here. Would anyone be interested in an RP in a completely original fan region? It would be a typical journey RP, I guess (though I have no idea how "typical" they are these days). Just some people exploring a region...
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    Pokémon Sun and Moon Music Appreciation Thread

    Wait, seriously? Hitomi Sato was my favourite out of all the Pokémon composers... Damn. If what the booklet implies is true, I'm very sad to see her go.
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    Conquest: Heroes of Arcadia

    Another question: am I allowed to include some original information about a generic location that is presumably present in Thraben? I want to say that the chaotic nature of the markets in the city had a lasting impact on my character, which includes details like prostitutes and the such, and I...
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    Conquest: Heroes of Arcadia

    Hi, I have a few questions about the RP. Firstly, when is the RP planned to get going properly? I'm not sure if I want to join this RP yet (more on that later), but either way my school exams are starting this week and they're only ending in early June, so if the RP started in-between those...
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    Name Changes Thread

    Current Username: Azran Flame New Username: Flame Mistress
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    Pokémon X & Y Music Appreciation Thread

    To be honest, I didn't like XY's soundtrack all that much in the beginning. Compared to the more digital-sounding soundtracks of the previous gens, especially the epic themes of B2W2, it seemed like it just... lacked its original energy and vibes. It got better, and now I'm especially fond of...
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    Pokemon that should have the Dragon type added to them in X&Y

    I think it would be interesting to see Gyarados gain Dragon-Type, and Milotic gain Fairy-Type, since they always seemed like counterparts to me - they both evolve from weak/ugly Pokémon to become strong/beautiful respectively, are both Water-Types, too. I mean, it would mean that Milotic would...
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    The Kalos Region Thread

    Isn't it that you can only have one MegaPokémon in your party at any time? I like your first idea, though, and I guess a Champion having a team of all-MegaPokémon wouldn't be impossible, looking at Lance's team of underlevelled Dragonite, though I think it would still be a bit too unfair for the...
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    The Flame is back.

    Heh, I remember all of you guys. Especially you, Poetry - it would be nice to have another OST battle sometime. Thanks for the welcome-backs! Thank you! >still making the round on SPPF Newbie Lounge >still not a mod for it
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    The Kalos Region Thread

    Hm, I think that could work nicely. You could have Trainers dotted around, and some of them would just be reflections in the mirrors, and some of them could be the opposite, and you could get challenged by two people at once... not sure how the graphics and the gameplay would work around that...
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    The Kalos Region Thread

    I totally agree with this. I honestly don't know what kind of appeal the developers thought Musicals had when they implemented them in the games. I wouldn't mind Pokéwood returning though, I guess. About a potential Dark-Type Gym, I was thinking about something that dealt with illusions and...
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    The Flame is back.

    Before I forget... As you can see, I joined way back in January 2011, and was an extremely frequent poster here until back in March or somewhere around there, when I began to lose interest in Pokémon and Serebii itself. I still returned very occasionally to post in the Shipping sections, but...
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    Opinions on events

    Evidently Game Freak is trying to teach kids the harshness of reality - no matter how hard you try, sometimes there are things you just can't obtain in your life, while someone else with a more privileged background can... ...I kid, I kid. To be honest, I think it's better than making them...
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    Will you choose X or Y and Why?

    It looks more like a cross between an eagle and a wyvern to me, but anyway... I honestly have no idea. I prefer Xerneas' design, but Yveltal's Death Wing is just too awesome, and I like its typing as well (I like the Fairy-Type so far too, but I'd really love a main Dark-Type legendary as...