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  • Aaaaaaaah, sorry for dropping the ball in a major way! D:

    That said, aww, that’s sweet of you to say. :D I have to admit I’m not sure how capable I am of finishing a fic, though, since I’m still stalling on rewriting those missing chapters. XD; Still, thanks for the encouragement!

    Speaking of encouragement, though, sorry to hear you had to drop out of the contest, but I’m definitely looking forward to the story you were intending on submitting for it. ;) And hey, planning on doing stuff to keep yourself interested in your larger fic is still progress!

    Meantimes, haha, I nearly forgot what happened in chapter seven, but after looking back over it, I have to say that yeah, that one was probably the one I had the most fun writing too. ;D
    Heeeeey, I remember you. Welcome back! :D Good to see you around!

    In any case, aww, thank you! I have to admit AEM hasn't been updated in a while. (I plan on finishing it. It's just that some chapters that hadn't been released to Serebii yet got ... really iffy in terms of quality.) So, uh, if it ends abruptly, fear not, for I swear, that's not the end! D: But in the meantime, I'm really glad you're enjoying it. It's good to hear folks still remember that little fic, given how long it takes me to update it. XD;

    It does - the Non-Pokemon stories subsection is the place for that. I posted one myself (...years ago). Do share your story there!
    I felt I had to go serious about it since this wasn't the first time you'd brought it up (...that mentioning of it in PBB was awkward though... xD) But yeah. I know it's stupid....honestly I don't blame you for cringing at it. It's such a bad pun... but it's still worth a little chuckle to me. xD

    Eeh, gonna have to pass on the messenger chat. I know I tried it once a little while after you guys moved from xat, it honestly didn't feel the same. Plus I have a small community I have to help keep an eye on myself, so popping in and out would probably be popping in once or twice and never showing up again... as sad as that is to say.
    Then...don't read it. Honestly I completely forgot Location is even a thing, and you're the only person who's really ever complained about it. Even if I did forget it existed, it reminds me of the old days since this is the location I had back in the times of Xat and such... as sappy and stupid as that sounds.
    I've seen the first season of Better Call Saul. Personally it wasn't anything spectacular, though I appreciate all the easter eggs and nods to Breaking Bad. I just don't feel Saul makes a good protagonist in comparison to Walt and not fond of prequels in particular when they're set only a few years if not decades before the original show. Fantastical Beasts for example works because its set hundreds of years before Harry Potter and you don't necessarily know what'll happen or who definitely won't die etc. What I would've liked is another show set after Breaking Bad, maybe a few years or decades, focusing on a new main protagonist who 'breaks bad' in a different field of crime and make easter eggs and references to the original set of characters and what became of them.

    I've seen the first two episodes to season 2. I've heard about the finale and what Chuck does, he is one of the most hated characters in TV right now for me. I'm loving what's happening with Mike and the setup there is for Gus to appear in season 3, but I just wish we were getting a sequel as that would be much better. There's always the possibility that Walt survived the ending - based on where he was wounded, the liklihood of it being by a shrapnel, that he was close to a hospital and found by police officers just as he fell down and that there wasn't so much blood loss, and the fact that having lung cancer would've produced more blood clots in his body that would've prevented more blood loss - Walt could've, and likely should've - survived which I wish would happen.
    Hey, thanks for messaging me. I'm a fan of those shows too, really disappointed that Agent Carter has been cancelled though. It was getting to be a really good show and it means now that Hayley Atwell is out of the Marvel Universe completely. She would've made a good Wonder Woman :/

    I've been meaning to catch up with Better Call Saul but haven't found good sites online to watch it. I really want to see a sequel to Breaking Bad - not a direct one, but something set years after BB and focusing on a new set of characters who break bad with references to the original show and cameos from old characters who could still appear. I also feel after watching the BB finale that Walter White isn't dead and that's what could set up a sequel perfectly.
    Nah, it's not looked after in any way, if that's what you mean--old entries aren't pruned, and so forth. Hope you find one or two people you can exchange with, at least.
    Not sure what you mean by modified--most people don't bother to update their posts, if that's what you mean. The users towards the end of the list are generally the ones who have active stories at the moment, although their current 'fic isn't always the one listed in their post. If you're wondering whether someone is still active/willing to do an exchange, you can always shoot them a VM or something before writing them a review.
    Good to know! If you're feeling desperate and impatient waiting for a Review Game review, you can try one of the people in the Review Exchange, too. XD
    You generally post review game reviews straight in the 'fic thread, but I see you've already done so anyway. Thanks a ton! I was getting pretty worried that a month was going to go by and the Review Game thread was going to vanish back into the archives. :X
    Thank you for your review of Crater Dreams!

    I've noticed from your review and others that I seem to have focused more on the plot than the characters? Which I'll try to avoid next time, I do better with character-driven stories.

    (Also the Absol Paw tribe originally had more characterization, but according to the judges it didn't add much to the story so I cut it.)
    I've been rather distracted lately, but I can give it a shot when I have the time. PM me what you have.
    Alright; that sounds more like me.

    Except the regular Joe part; I'm more a...regular Joey, if you get what I mean. xD
    >__< Well jeez; does this make me the douchey jock/greaser/ect. of a typical 80's movie? XD
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