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Well-Known Member

Flamer was last seen:
Apr 7, 2020 at 9:29 AM
    1. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      TIP: Bulbasaur is a pain to obtain in Yellow when Pikachu doesn't like you enough. In order to increase its happiness, give Pikachu a Potion at full health. While it says it won't have any effect, this still affects Pikachu's happiness. Give it several tries, and he'll be comfortable around you in no time, and you'll also be able to get Bulbasaur :)
    2. MetalicSeadra
      Typically eh, as you do. I'm under all kinds of pressure to prepare for college. Just sent off my application today, actually, now comes the fun part of sitting mock exams in just over a week. Ack. No rest for the wicked. How about you? How's Life? How's modding GTS+ going? I've kinda fallen out of touch with both sites, especially since they pulled a PokéFarm and introduced incentives that can easily be bought. Personally I find it kinda defeatist as I don't really like that sort of thing, but then that's just my opinion. That, and the fact that I'm kinda ill at the moment ain't helping my mood. Thus, sorry for this lil' mini-rant, haha.
    3. MetalicSeadra
      Allo mistah! (It be Wastelander~ (GTS+) )
    4. ssj_jd
      Flamer, the userbars u made for the ghost club are absolutely amazing. thanks for taking the time to make those up for everyone
    5. Illusione-Tempus
      Hiya Flamer! It's Candy Water from GTS+ ^^
    6. pika pika pikachu
      pika pika pikachu
      ok thanks for accepting me
    7. pika pika pikachu
      pika pika pikachu
      "Hi, can I join. My favourite ghost pokemon is the amazing Darkrai" but darkrai s a dark type lol
    8. Pkmn-Fan285
      Hi Flamer..........
    9. MetalicSeadra
      Hey Flamer! I'm Lady_Weavile from blackcharizard forums. :]
    10. Saberu
      Oh, never mind. Disregard my earlier messages.
    11. Saberu
      I bet you'll never guess what I'm going to ask. [/sarcasm]
    12. Saberu
      Flamer, the server for your website seems to be failing...

      Kirani is thankful to have joined.
    13. LegendaryGarchomp
      Hey Flamer thanks for setting up the account! May i become a mod?
    14. Psycho_Jirachi
      Hey, Flamer, I hope you don't mind but I took your BlackCharizard sig that contains the link to our forums...is that okay? I just wanted to advertise a little bit more, we need more members!!!
    15. Psycho_Jirachi
      Yeah, no problem, take your time, I made a welcome thread just now in your forum.
    16. Psycho_Jirachi
      Hey did you add 50 points for me, for having the club link in my sig?
    17. Psycho_Jirachi
      hey i joined your forum, i'm glad to help ;)
    18. SapphireSwampert
      I hope I'm doing ok for now. ^^
    19. SapphireSwampert
      Hello Flamer. :)
      I saw your site, and I liked the layout, so I joined by the same name. Hope you don't mind. :D
    20. Firemonkey1
      Yes Flamer I am intrested in becoming a mod on your forum. I will be doing everything to become a mod on your forum when I get home from daycare. :)
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