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  • Hey dude, how are you?

    Yh, I thought I'd change it to something I have myself :)

    I have, they make great egg move pokemon and it saves me having to train my own copy haha :p Haven't really been in many battles since you gave me them tbf though, I've had 1 or 2 but they didn't always come out. Very handy for gym leaders though :)
    of course! i would never trade them away :) But i havent been battling for a while, so i havent used them.
    hey thanks for the challenge, unfortunately i transferred my main teams to my copy of white so my Platinum and Pearl is basically where i breed and attempt to complete my national dex in white (since i already completed my unova dex) let me know when you upgrade (if you do) to 5th Gen because you are never to old and you can always make time for pokemon. Im in college, i have a girlfriend, i have 6 classes and a busy life, but pokemon is my recreational time, so i challenge you to become the king of Gen5 and ill take you up on your offer, but until than im gonna have to say "raincheck" and good luck
    Hi everyone! I just come to Serebii to check how my Pokemon that I gave to other people are doing. Pretty soon I won't even do that either.
    I quit because I'm getting too old. I don't have time to play it and by next year, I'm sure gen 6 will come out (I rejected gen 5 and everyone is already moving off to BW2).
    Gen 4 I already conquered and I pretty much consider myself unbeatable. I can accurately breed for near to max IVs and EV train easily.
    How did I do it? Well, I used an emulator. With the emulator, I can breed with AR maxx Ditto and hatch 5 eggs in one go with a hatching AR. And since I can get max BP and max money and Pokerus via AR, I can easily buy Protein and Weight gear.

    I use AR encounter codes to find any Pokemon I want and breed it with Ditto to legitimize it.
    All my Pokemon can pass hack check this way.

    And I trade my Emulator Pokemon to my DS via GTS.

    I figured I could do the same for gen 5. But then I'd be unbeatable. Where's the fun in that? So I quit!
    my mew, then i make my mew use barrier and amnesia twice, nasty plot 3 times, and then i baton pass to blizz to kill everyone XD
    Hey man how ya been? anyways yeah ive used your ahutterbug so much, i didnt even try the other ones yet lol XD
    not yet, ive only battled once, and he wanted me to use my new team. i trying to learn how to make a userbar right now :)
    That would just be to complicated though...

    Ah sounds interesting, well I hope you end up working for google/FB someday... :)
    sure. i thought he was already gone. i dont have one that i can transfer. i found out the other was a hack. :/
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