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Last Activity:
Oct 25, 2012
Jul 18, 2012
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4thGen King

Flamingo was last seen:
Oct 25, 2012
    1. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Also do you want to do the other trade now?
    2. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      I don't mean cloned copies. I meant copies as It double up's lol. Sorry.
    3. aggron777
      Hey I thought you weren't gonna be on?
    4. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      How do you have like copies of every legendary?

      Nincada? Sure.
    5. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Thanks so much! :) Btw, how do you have 2 mews and do you know your mew has like every contest ribbon available lol. Is there anything I can trade you for that Shiny Beedril?
    6. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Okay I'm free now.. Going in.
    7. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      If It's for a celebi then you can have cresselia but not beedril.

      And sorry about not battling, I went offline moments after sending that last message. If your on later, then I'll battle you then. :)
    8. Thrashydeathfunk
      Well squidward doesn't have a high attack so confusion damage would be minimal

      I see you like one piece man, awesome
    9. Thrashydeathfunk
      Mine relies on bulk i max out hp and rely on defense

      But i got really lucky with that critical hit, and when my Tremor thawed out right away.
    10. Thrashydeathfunk
      Of course no ones prepared when they battle its kinda cheap when you know an opponents team and prepare for it.
      But yeah sure let me just raise another team, it'll be ready in a week.
    11. Thrashydeathfunk
      Yeah my fc is 3268-0655-3403
      I'll be waiting
    12. Thrashydeathfunk
      Let's battle lv. 50 OU?
    13. Cyrius
      man i really want to transfer pink lime to 5th gen, but i need him in this gen :I
      im going to teach it fake out right now
    14. Cyrius
      ok. ill get a girl then. meet ya there
    15. Cyrius
      sure no prob. ill get one. what nature? i dont have any adamant though
    16. Cyrius
      looks like a little flinch messed up your plans XD
    17. Cyrius
      sure ill be there
    18. Cyrius
      lol yeah, gotta love hax :D
    19. Cyrius
      kk. im gonna swiotch him since i told ya wat he has XD
    20. Cyrius
      its sashed. go again?
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    Favourite Pokémon:


    FC Soul Silver: 3139 3223 0945

    I'm giving off all these Pokemon for FREE as I'm quitting Pokemon! First come first serve! This list will diminish! PM me if you want any of these fully EV trained, maxed out IVs in stats that matter the most (Jolteon has max speed and max spAttack, others not max), and personally bred. I've used them in tourneys are WON plenty of matches.

    ****Thank you all! I've given all my Pokemon off to people already! I hope you take care of my Pokemon. Plenty of you have messaged me and I'm sorry I couldn't get back to all of you. This IS first come first serve. Wish you all luck. Peace!!!****

    Some of them are flawless, but ALL ARE LEGIT!
    And ALL are Smogon-based.