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Last Activity:
Oct 25, 2012
Jul 18, 2012
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4thGen King

Flamingo was last seen:
Oct 25, 2012
    1. Cyrius
      idk, i was gonna kill you with grass knot :(
    2. Cyrius
      man im real sleepy, but i think i can handle another one b4 i pass out from exaushetion :P
    3. Cyrius
      i was completely focused on that battle. i cant believe metagross lived with a sliver of health. i was hoping to raor into your swapm age so i could uh... nevermind youlle find out soon.
      dont forget. i swept your tank and sweeper with pink lime :3
    4. Cyrius
      idk ill tell ya when the battle is over. im heading in a bit
    5. Cyrius
      so u wanna rematch? i wanna try something.
    6. Cyrius
      Challenge Accepted!! :D
    7. Cyrius
      lol yeah. my togekiss could kill that thing if it was still in 4th gen. he flutter jumps on your @55 while youre alseep XD
    8. Cyrius
      no that was on purpouse. hes only meant to set stealth rock. after that its a body shield
    9. Cyrius
      and yes it did XD
    10. Cyrius
      and once again, not focusing on the task at hand costs me. oh well good game. i could reallt show you much about weavile in that battle. i never used low kick before so i wantet to know how strong it was.
    11. Cyrius
      sizida. we were going to battle uu tier
    12. Cyrius
      sure. my current challenger is in a battle now anyway
    13. aggron777
      Yea we chill
    14. Mudkipzroks
      Well i do but i don't have wifi
    15. aggron777
      I'll take shiny beedrill is that cool?
    16. aggron777
      What can you offer?
    17. Cyrius
      not yet. i havent caught cresselia in my daimond or platinum game yet. but ill trade it to you when i get it :)
    18. aggron777
      I think let me check
    19. Cyrius
      there was one red sentence. but i thought it was just a mistake. but the hack checker was smarter than i thought. it turns out it knew that mew wasnt available in english because the PID number for the event didint match the language. sorry about that...
    20. sizida
      I just vm you here.

      Yes it is. But I don't mind you use that mew for battle. Just don't trade it off!

      I did told you I aren't ready to battle yet, still training one more pokemon to go. Actually I do not mind you use mew to battle as I already found many ways to counter mew.
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    Favourite Pokémon:


    FC Soul Silver: 3139 3223 0945

    I'm giving off all these Pokemon for FREE as I'm quitting Pokemon! First come first serve! This list will diminish! PM me if you want any of these fully EV trained, maxed out IVs in stats that matter the most (Jolteon has max speed and max spAttack, others not max), and personally bred. I've used them in tourneys are WON plenty of matches.

    ****Thank you all! I've given all my Pokemon off to people already! I hope you take care of my Pokemon. Plenty of you have messaged me and I'm sorry I couldn't get back to all of you. This IS first come first serve. Wish you all luck. Peace!!!****

    Some of them are flawless, but ALL ARE LEGIT!
    And ALL are Smogon-based.