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Last Activity:
Oct 25, 2012
Jul 18, 2012
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4thGen King

Flamingo was last seen:
Oct 25, 2012
    1. sizida

      That means you shouldn't drop here anymore and go study.

      And so I shall removed ya from my friend list since you gonna be inactive forever.

      Yes I am being sarcastic.
    2. Flamingo
      Hey GUYS! I'm quitting Pokemon. So I'm giving off a lot of valuable Pokemon. Each of my Pokemon are pretty much based off of Smogon. This is 4th gen btw. If you play 5th gen, then you can just transfer them.

      I have Pokemon like Jirachi and Mew and Celebi on sale! They're all ev trained, and LEGIT (used Pokecheck) And they're all for those who want them! First come first serve.
    3. Cyrius
      aww it was really fun battling you.... Well we still have one match left. and im gonna use project dar to do it :D
    4. Cyrius
      ive got a 20 year old friend who still plays :P im 15
    5. Cyrius
      will u start 5th?
    6. Cyrius
      sure. you know your the only one I play 4th gen now :/
    7. Psilo
      Really don't have much on 4th gen at the moment :/
    8. Cyrius
      yeah i know. but im making a UU team right now. so for it has an 80% victory. and an 8 winning streak :D
    9. Psilo
      Yep :/

      Try poke check!
    10. Psilo
      Are you wanting this on 4th or 5th gen?
    11. Cyrius
      oh man ok, thats gonna make things harder.
    12. Cyrius
      hey you still have that white game right? cuz this zapdos is 5th gen
    13. Cyrius
      ya posted it on my VM dude
    14. Cyrius
      i asked a few of my clan members if they can rng one, or if they have one. ill ask some shop owners later.
    15. Cyrius
      sure ill look. i think someone might have one
    16. LeikMudkips
    17. Cyrius
      ok. lemme look
    18. Cyrius
    19. Cyrius
      not right now. my phones disconnected, and he doesnt go on facebook that often
    20. LeikMudkips
      Lol,whatcha think of my new to be team?
      Gliscor:Timid:Baton pass,Rock polish,Swords Dance,and Taunt
      Ambipom:Timid:Nasty plot,Baton pass,Swift,Water pulse
      Crawdaunt:Adamant:Dragon claw,Waterfall,Crunch,X-scissor
      Alakazam:Timid:Psychic,Signal beam,Focus blast,Grass knot
      And Sceptile:Jolly:Earthquake,Rock slide,Leaf blade,Swords dance.
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:


    FC Soul Silver: 3139 3223 0945

    I'm giving off all these Pokemon for FREE as I'm quitting Pokemon! First come first serve! This list will diminish! PM me if you want any of these fully EV trained, maxed out IVs in stats that matter the most (Jolteon has max speed and max spAttack, others not max), and personally bred. I've used them in tourneys are WON plenty of matches.

    ****Thank you all! I've given all my Pokemon off to people already! I hope you take care of my Pokemon. Plenty of you have messaged me and I'm sorry I couldn't get back to all of you. This IS first come first serve. Wish you all luck. Peace!!!****

    Some of them are flawless, but ALL ARE LEGIT!
    And ALL are Smogon-based.