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Oct 25, 2012
Jul 18, 2012
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4thGen King

Flamingo was last seen:
Oct 25, 2012
    1. Cyrius
      haha thanks! :D i started to shiny hunt again, and i already got a shiny turtwig, and shiny flawless Groudon :D
      Its all thanks to these Bad Boys, lol XD
    2. Cyrius
      i still have to train 1 pokemon. and im almost done on another.
    3. sizida
      Sigh. For a game you explain alot.

      I apologise. But in a battle there is no fairness at all even with rules involved. Making one frustrated from losing the battle is normal. Spamming/abusing overpowerful moves is one of the ways to win. I cannot say you cannot do that or whatever. Battling can be unpleasant in any games that have versus mode.

      Coping with frustration such as letting it slide cause you know it is 'too bad' you have to deal with this strategy with is for sure a lost for you can be tough but I battled so many times, it is easy for me to drop it. Though it takes 20mins for me to calm down.

      If you wish if you want to battle me, shall we agree with some rules to make it slightly more enjoyable? Though if you are still in rage I am fine with it. Playing Pokemon everyday does not do me good anyway.
    4. sizida
      Now you know how I felt yesterday?

      No worries, the 3 key players I got from GTS were released. Don't say I didn't warn you that they are mean. But easily broken if you know how to.

      In random battles where there is no rules, well of course meeting these kind of trolling doesn't make your day.

      Ok I leave you to calm down then. I shall log off.
    5. sizida
      Hehe.You are asking casual battle so here it is. There are no rules.

      I made you DC too.Told ya my trolling is bad.

      I didn't ask for Standard battle either.
    6. sizida

      Hmm I shall see how they flare. Lol.
    7. sizida

      Wanna give it a go now?
    8. Cyrius
      i still have 2 pokemnon i need to train, since i gave up blaziken being part of project dark
    9. Cyrius
      i would suggest cloning mine, but i dont want you to miss out on the 5th gen dream world. theyre pretty hard to get though
    10. Cyrius
      well if your saying, you keep on breeding wiyh the changed ability, it still wont work
    11. Cyrius
      no its less advanced in 4th gen.
    12. Cyrius
      because pokecheck can tell how the ability is passed down, and how the parents got the ability.
    13. Cyrius
      well thats cheating, but yeah that works. but the pokemon will be untradeable too
    14. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Ah don't blame you, It took me forever to get my current rank and I'm only doing it so I can get to a specific rank. To be able to chose would be much better.

      Noooo! 5th gen sucks. You shall keep battling 4th gen forever! :)
    15. Cyrius
      you can breed them, and the dream world is a place you can access with your c-gear. you put a pokemon to sleep with the game synce app, and then you go to the pokemon global link where you can grow berries, make a house, and find items and pokemon while visiting the dream bridge. in order to get a pokmemon. you need to make a wish with a berry, then get a pokemon, but only once a day. the pokemon ALWAYS has thier dream world ability, put theres only a 25% chance to get a female :/ and you have to play games to earn the pokemon's respect.
    16. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Btw, if you want to increase your post count without spamming then just go and lie/ put one word answrs in topics which increase you postcount. That's how I got my post count up.
    17. Flamingo
      Well, if you're down for an eeveelution battle, let me know!
    18. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      I haven't actually got it yet so I can't tell you currently. :P
    19. Cyrius
    20. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Yh but mines a timid shiny which is best nature for jolteon so...
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    Favourite Pokémon:


    FC Soul Silver: 3139 3223 0945

    I'm giving off all these Pokemon for FREE as I'm quitting Pokemon! First come first serve! This list will diminish! PM me if you want any of these fully EV trained, maxed out IVs in stats that matter the most (Jolteon has max speed and max spAttack, others not max), and personally bred. I've used them in tourneys are WON plenty of matches.

    ****Thank you all! I've given all my Pokemon off to people already! I hope you take care of my Pokemon. Plenty of you have messaged me and I'm sorry I couldn't get back to all of you. This IS first come first serve. Wish you all luck. Peace!!!****

    Some of them are flawless, but ALL ARE LEGIT!
    And ALL are Smogon-based.