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Last Activity:
Oct 25, 2012
Jul 18, 2012
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4thGen King

Flamingo was last seen:
Oct 25, 2012
    1. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Yh but mines shiny so It's supreme to your's :P
    2. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Are you just saying that because Jolteon will kill vaporeon? :P

      And I orignally wanted an adamnt one which he has. But the adamnt one is at Lv.25 where as the timid one is Lv.1 so i decided to go for that one instead.
    3. Cyrius
      lol, u are still at beginners rank :D
    4. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Heal bell, that's not the usall set for a vaporean but this is you after all.

      No thanks :P And It looks like my shiny might actually be a Jolteon. I'm still in messaging atm.
    5. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Probably a flareon since it's adamant. :)
    6. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Hey bud, I'm fine. Just negotiated myself a shiny eevee :)
    7. sizida

      No really do use your troll team. I am using a real troll team.

      And I have to go. I should be ready by tomorrow.
    8. sizida

      Do you want me to show it to you how annoying this team can be?

      I can just fish them out from GTS and just use them against you. I do not even need to ev train them. Yup.
    9. sizida
      Bleh. I seen this team too often.

      I had my own. But that was from my first started game. This is my 3rd restarted game but I don't want to train this team anymore. They just pissed anyone off.
    10. sizida
      You trolled me so bad though I expected.

      So I DCed. Congrats.
    11. sizida
      Sigh. I expected this. At first I want to send a team of ghost Pokemon but I didn't.

      Explosion is cheap. This battle bores me.
    12. sizida
      I forgot to on my 3DS wireless lol.
      Just entered!
    13. sizida

      Oops my berry plant 'died'.
    14. sizida

      I am ready.

      Head in the room now?
    15. sizida
      I don't know why you always ask me to battle before I go potty lol.

      Will vm you when I am ready!
    16. sizida
      Lol if you fall asleep in battle (like I waited 10mins for your selection yet no avail), I quit lol.

      You skip dinner? Your energy level is horrible lol.
    17. Cyrius
      yay my rank keeps on goin up from my clan wars!
    18. Cyrius
      no, i didnt, but ive got like 3 of those things on 5th gen :P
    19. Cyrius
      there ya go. its a jap :D
    20. Cyrius
      ok. ive been loosing nonstop late;y. i think i lost my edge for now :/
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    Favourite Pokémon:


    FC Soul Silver: 3139 3223 0945

    I'm giving off all these Pokemon for FREE as I'm quitting Pokemon! First come first serve! This list will diminish! PM me if you want any of these fully EV trained, maxed out IVs in stats that matter the most (Jolteon has max speed and max spAttack, others not max), and personally bred. I've used them in tourneys are WON plenty of matches.

    ****Thank you all! I've given all my Pokemon off to people already! I hope you take care of my Pokemon. Plenty of you have messaged me and I'm sorry I couldn't get back to all of you. This IS first come first serve. Wish you all luck. Peace!!!****

    Some of them are flawless, but ALL ARE LEGIT!
    And ALL are Smogon-based.