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  • Hey,wanna' battle 4th gen wi-fi?I saw your post on the thread and you said I'll get owned.I want you to prove it...but no legendaries!
    Yeah you did. and That sounds Awesome! But im sleepy now, so ima go to bed, its like 2:30 AM Already.
    oh and jokey boy wouldve stil died because it couldnt even survive a normal hit without light screen. i dont think 2 hits would have mattered. voltoris is far faster
    not resally srguing but ya get it. she was sad that i started shiny hunting again so i stopped...AGAIN
    That is not quitting! It is shifting Gen!

    I am still doing Poketrades to help people.
    oh man i dont think i can battle anymore right now. my schedule went from busy, to 6 feet under paperwork. maybe later? lets say an hour?
    lol, sorry sooo freeekin busy! i cant see alot of messagesandnowimtotiredtomakeanyspacessodealwithit:p
    but yeah a battle after like 10 mins of rest would be great.
    its not hacked, and he doesnt have a serebii account. i got a message from him on facebook, and he was offering the arceus. this was last year too, so idk where he is....
    nah, im happy to get any shiny. this dude wanted to give me a flawless Modest Arceus for my shiny adamant pidgey :p
    Lol, you researched that? like i said man, LUCK. Theres no other way. Plus I dont even know how to use AR, so that theory's out.
    yeah its hard work. i stopped doing it cuz after a while you get depressed, and others wonder why you never go outside anymore and stuff so i stopped. but thats when i got like 4 or 5 pokemon a day. im only doing it one every few days when i feel like it now.
    i got lucky. i was soft reseting all day yesterday, and i got the turtwig after 697 SR's , then i got the Shiny groudin after 1,114 SR,s :D
    I never looked for the Hoenn Tri0 cuz i wasnt interested in getting them non shiny.
    nah, the pink Ds's were only 10 each, since they were in such a bad condition when i bought them. and the pink Dsi was my friends that she let me have cuz she got a 3ds. and i bouth that blue one for 90-100, i cant remmember :/
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