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  • ;__; I'm sorry for the request, but could I ask you to review 'monsters'? I've had two reviews, aside from conversation, and it is breaking my heart. </3
    Mmm, only do so if you want to. :) I'd love to hear it, though.

    Thank you for commenting on Ember Days, by the way! One quick thing, though - the information was already in the dialogue, the dialogue was just a little clumped together at that point. I've gone and split it up a bit more now, though. :3 Would you mind taking a look? And what do you think of the characters so far~?
    Hey~! Just letting you know that I've updated the 'Ember Days' x3 The deities from Yoso seem awesome, btw. :3 Does the other world have similar ones~?
    If they did not keep the caul, or threw it away, they would not - but it was considered a duty, and they were groomed for it from birth, This belief system, however, under the pressure of the inquisition was assimilated into the classical sabbath, with the Benandanti, instead of being forces of 'good' (Benandanti means 'Good Walkers') being gradual transformed into classical witches. You can follow this progression in the different testimonies gathered by the Inquisition at the time, it's quite interesting. There were also different strands of the belief tied into the myth of 'Wild Hunt', a ghostly procession of the spirits of the recently dead, accompanied by hunters on black horses and hounds, that would sweep through the streets. Some Benandanti could join the procession to get messages from the dead, etcetera. And then there's the link to werewolves, where it was believed somewhere in Germany that the Benandanti would transform into wolves on certain nights to chase the witches to the mouths of hell to take back the harvest they'd stolen, and whether they succeeded or not dictated the success of the crops that year. Really, really fascinating stuff - and this is just my crude conglomeration of parts of it, I've left a lot out.

    I've taken elements from all of these different strands, and other folklore to do with the Wild Hunt (and quite a bit more from that last website) to come up with my story. :x It bears little resemblance with the originals, haha. And I would love to know more about your worlds~! :D
    x3 No problem~!

    It's based on a combination of different folk lore traditions, really - Primarily that of the 'Benandanti'. It was believed in the Fruili province of Italy that people born with the 'caul', with the amniotic sack still partially covering their head (or, more rarely, their entire head and part of their back) had a series of special 'powers' as a result, the power to be able to recognise witches, cure children and people cursed by them and, each year on the 'Ember Days' would go out at night in spirit form to 'fight the witches'.

    The 'battles' encompassed, generally, the two sides gathering at a designated place and sparring with each other, the Benandanti with stalks of fennel and the witches with sorghum stalks (the stuff they used to make broom handles out of). They would 'fight' over the fertility of the different harvests: grain, grapes and fruit, etcetera, and if the Benandanti won, it was believed the harvest would be good, and if the witches won the harvest would fail. Details of the gatherings otherwise vary, but in some strands of the belief there were large feasts, attended by animals, spirits and faeries etcetera. If a man or woman kept the caul they'd been born in (their families often did and had masses said over them), when they turned 20 they'd be called to the Benandanti ranks.
    Hey~! I don't want to post it spoilers on the thread, but to tell the truth I'm dying to spill - ask what you wish ;D
    Was looking through Author's Cafe, and saw your name. That's one Hell of a post count to not be a mod!
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