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Recent content by FlamingShadowPhoenix

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    Nature Power

    No, it becomes Swift.
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    Best Pokemon Ever Face-Off

    Dugtrio. 10charlimit
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    Typhlosion- Blazio Meganium- Sunny Gallade- Engarde Porygon-Z- Techno Scizor- Red Steel Gyarados- Menace Mismagius- Nightmare Giratina- Undertaker Mewtwo- Zero Arceus- Alpha Dialga- Omega Electivire- Sir Sparks Bronzong- Bad Egg Torterra- Terror Dusknoir- Reaper Gardevoir- Mystique
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    Pokemon odiities

    I was mad when on GTS, I put a lv. 50 Hippowdon with EQ and Stone Edge up for trade. Then I didn't play for 2 weeks. When I checked again, it says Hippowdon fled!
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    The Secret Sphere of Influence! (504)

    I lol'd at when Jessie dropped the orb because of the stink, she said "I'm throwing my hands up in disgust!" How bad has it gotten that 4Kids has to make a mockery of the series just to get viewers. At least it worked.
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    What do you want the next evil organization to be like?

    Something like Cipher. Pokemon 2D NEEDS Shadow Pokemon!
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    Your dream team :D

    Garchomp Espeon Scizor Blaziken Weavile Mismagius Ah, if only it could be used in Wifi without being raped.
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    What Pokemon Need But Don't Have

    Mismagius needs Focus Blast, Darkrai would be nice with Nasty Plot, and Ampharos NEEDS Tail Glow and the elemental punches.
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    Hybrid; The Harmonics Finale!

    faint attack, pidgey!
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    Dark Face-off Version 4

    -10 Stall 10charlimit
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    Ashs pokemon face-off

    hurt swellow
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    Adventure Face-Off Fast Forward

    rescue 10charlimit
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    Adventure Face-Off (Red and Blue Version)

    Heal Geodude 2xHurt Nidoran
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    Adventure Face-Off (Red and Blue Version)

    heal charmeleon hurtx2 nidoran
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    Adventure Face-Off (Red and Blue Version)

    Catch Abra KO Bellsprout