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  • Welcome to Sereb...

    Nevermind. I always tell people to fix their signature in a VM/PM (but I think you're taking this whole "pokemon is inappropriate" thing too seriously. Children watch R-rated movies)
    We get it. You hate Pokémon. You only came to this forum express that hatred, laugh at our tantrums, for want of a better word, and then leave.
    I hate you jackassed Christian ****er parent. And I know your real name: Jack *** Shithead. And to all the people who have posted a visitor message, if you agree with me, PM me. As for ****erkong, gtfo!
    Dude, the only mature conversation here happens in the debates section, if you disagree with the majority, and make arguements considered even slightly non-senseical in GPD, you're gettin flamed.

    If you thought you'd get mature pokemon dicussion, you were dead wrong, sorry.
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