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  • Yep! Who knows, one can hope the new games might be an influence, who knows?

    Well stuff happened so I have a better idea of what I'm doing now, all because I failed one of my A Levels :) Indeed, but you'll both figure it out.
    I mean Shade, Spacial, Hudson and everyone else pretty much vanished :( It's alright though, maybe some day we'll all rejoin a guild or start afresh :) Who knows what the future brings?

    Yep! Visited a uni about a week ago, was pretty good :) I didn't see a lesson but the facilities look stunning :) Yep! Wonder if he'd do it though
    Hey again. I resent the response to your email. College has been... college lol. I'm taking a huge final tomorrow. I hope I do well. My study guide is bigger than my text book and encompasses 7 classes ugh.... I hope you receive my response. Idk what's up with that.
    Nah I'm not upset. I did respond to you. I tried responding through my iphone though, so it may not have worked? Did you check your e-mail? Spam mail?
    Indeed :/ I mean we have no guild to go to, both THT and RoF are dead and nobody really cared about the new one so either you went there or left. Seems a fair few left.

    I'm trying my best, uni looks alright though so perhaps we'll see about that. He definitely should :)
    Yeah, but I'm coming back, here and there :D

    Exactly, it's good though! Haha, if only it was that simple. I think I'm just unmotivated, and feeling like everyone wants me to do one thing when I'd rather do something else. Perhaps I will bear that in mind. I guess so! It will :) I like journalism and multimedia seems cool, I like History too but I don't know what I'd do with History and it's a confusing mess so I'm a little stressed from it :)

    Oh, I see :/ Things will most definitely improve for us, things are going in the right direction! Just got to keep positive and push forward.

    No worries, any time!
    I really wouldn't worry about it, I barely log in nowadays :)

    Oh cool! That does sound pretty cool to be honest, a teacher huh? Well as long as you enjoy your work it doesn't matter the hardships so much :) I'm currently preparing to face a similar problem of do I spend 3+ years at university studying a subject that I enjoy but can't do much with and doesn't have a particularly noticeable career path, or spend 2 years doing a subject I somewhat enjoy but it has a decent enough career path and I don't mind it as much but feel like I'm wasting my academic talents. Who knows?

    I have been kind of in the middle of family/relationship things which have been... conflicting, trying to find part-time work whilst I'm studying A-Levels and deciding on my future :) You?
    Haha, it's fine! What sort of fan-art do you do? That seems interesting! Oh wow that all does sound great! Haha, how much of it do you display?
    Oh I see, I get it. Haha, understandable! It is, lots of guilds are either dead or dying. Unfortunate really. Oh that sounds incredible! I'm glad to hear, not often I hear an artist pleased with their work. You should be proud.
    That's good, shouldn't feel bad for being busy. I'm rarely on the forums anymore; no guild to be a part of, not much to say or do really that would be of any worth to people :) Ooh cool, what was the painting of? Sounds cool!
    Lol. It's okay. I know everyone is busy :) Yeah I love nature, going for walks, swimming, and just walking through the forests. But I did all the camping I ever want when I was a kid lol. I would much rather have a cabin or just go back home lol.

    Yeah, maybe. I would like to travel some day... but I don't have the money and probably won't for a while.

    Well that'll be fun. Anything like card games or board games is great quality time. I love to play games like that. I honestly don't care if I win or not, I just like to play :)

    Take care. Ttyl. Bye.
    Yeah I suppose so. I basically grew up going to rivers and camping on a regular basis- a country boy lol. But nowadays I would rather come back home and sleep in my own bed, or rent a cabin.

    Yeah it would be a long walk lol. I don't even have a passport, so no planes for me- at least not right now.

    Yeah it was pretty bad, but I had relatives over until after midnight. We played a few card games. It wasn't too bad.

    Ttyl. Bye.
    I'm glad you enjoyed Christmas and New Years too! Happy 2017!

    I use to go in a boat on the river all the time when I was younger. I don't like to nowadays. I do like to swim, and swimming in a river is ok, but I don't really like to camp or stay more than about 6 hours. Nope, I haven't been on any of those. There is a train nearby, but if I rode it, the next stop is like an hour away. I wouldn't have a way home lol. I have never rode on a trolley either. I've never actually had the opportunity to ride on a plane. When we use to go on vacations we would drive.

    We didn't get to pop fireworks :( it was raining in my area. Popping fireworks on New Years at midnight is a tradition for us. That doesn't sound good lol. I'm sure it was fun though.

    Ttyl. Take care. Bye.
    My Christmas was good. I hope yours was too. I am still on Christmas break and I am very much enjoying the fact that I don't have to worry about college work and essays :)

    I'm glad you had fun on the cruise. It sounds great. I think I would've enjoyed it too. I would like to go on a cruise one day. I've never been on a cruise either. I actually have never been on a plane, train, or subway either :/ Maybe one day.

    I hope you and yours have a great New Year. Ttyl. Take care. Bye.
    Pokémon gives you great trips! if I had the money I would love to go to the Australia International too. But that's sooooo expensive.

    Merry Christmas to you too! Enjoy and have fun with your loved ones.
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