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Recent content by Flare the Pokemon Trainer

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    DDJ's and WM's shop

    thanx! ^____^
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    DDJ's and WM's shop

    Can I please get some pokemon with bandannas? Pokemon(max. of 3): Typhlosion, Blastoise, Salamance color of bandannas:Red Where the bandanas go(head, tail, neck, etc.):All neck
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    Kadjaft's Request Emporium

    Could I please get a Silver the Hedgehog banner?
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    Hyper Shadows Shop Of Chaos V.2

    Can I get a Magby Chao?
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    Sonic the Hedgehog Club V2

    can I join?
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    Kat returns! Again! :o

    I would like to use Magzard.
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    Lucario36's ~<<SPRITE HEAVEN v.2.0>>~!

    Can I get a Magby Chao please?
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    Banners Galore!

    Could you please make me a banner? Backround-Fire Pokemon-Goukazaru Rukario Ramuparudo Blaziken Buuburn Magby
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    Do You Use Your Starter?

    ATTENTION TRAINERS! My starter, is my favorite on my team!
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    team galactic??

    So true! So very true!
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    team galactic??

    I never pay attention to ANYTHING! Except for games! And I never really nothiced that! Ya, seriousley! I am just saying that it was pointless! And Team Rocket, Well, since Giovanni went away, it was broken up! Where did he go anyway?
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    team galactic??

    Well, was it really nessesary to change Rukario, to Lucario? No. Was it nessesary to change Zoro, to Zolo? No. Was it nessesary to change Ace, to Trace? No. So, this is another one of those changes!
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    grem is now a proud parent

    WAY PAST COOL!! Congrats! I hope you enjoy fatherhood!
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    team galactic??

    Another meaningless change I guess!