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    Pokémon in Canada

    Thanks for this thread. Looking forward to hopefully some Johto Viz releases in Canada (fingers crossed) and an Origins DVD release.
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    What's the rarest piece of Pokémon merchandise in your possession?

    A Pikachu 3DS XL, a reverse-holo Skyridge crystal Charizard card, a 2005 Pokecenter Sceptile Pokedoll, the 10th anniversary movie Japanese promo cards with cards from Mew to Latios to Darkrai and everything in between, and sealed Neo Destiny and Neo Revelation booster boxes.
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    Are you ever ashamed of being a Pokémon fan?

    None of you should be embarassed about having a passion or a hobby, no matter what it is. As long as it doesn't harm anyone or yourself in any way, no one can tell you it's dumb or stupid. I got into Pokemon in the Kanto days. I'm 23 now. I have had various dips and peaks in my fandom over...
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    Favorite TCG set?

    I've gotta go with Neo Genesis (for Pichu, Lugia and Kingdra) and Diamond and Pearl Secret Wonders (for Charizard, Lugia and Mew). I have a feeling X and Y may eclipse Secret Wonders though.
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    The Club Nintendo Thread

    Got the 25th anniversary Zelda posters for this. First thing I've gotten since the last set of Zelda posters. Both sets look amazing.
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    2011 Wii Game of the Year

    Same thread as the DS/3DS one, but what is your choice for top 2011 Wii game of the year. Could be favourite, or best. 2011 was obviously a lot weaker than 2010, and I think the choice to this might be pretty obvious but debate anyway! Enjoy!
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    2011 DS/3DS Game of the Year

    Hey guys, as always, I'm interested in your thoughts on GOTY. Pokemon bias aside, what is it and why? Could be your favourite or the one you think is "best". It was a rather weak year for the dying DS so I included the 3DS titles. Try to not just pick the 3DS titles because the games have...
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    Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Help Thread [UBER EDITION] [READ THE FIRST POST]

    Calling all US Niagara Falls residents... My friends and I are from Canada and we're going to head down to make a day of March 6 to get the games and download Celebi. Any special Pokemon places we should be interested near there that sells cards/games/etc... or any good restaurants? Any info...
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    2010 DS Game of the Year

    I saw this in the store but didn't know enough about it to justify getting it. What makes it so addicting? I've heard it's gotten fairly decent critical acclaim so far.
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    2010 DS Game of the Year

    Yeah, I think this may actually be the year where Pokemon is the top DS title of the year. A retro-revival of course, but it was handled extremely well. I haven't played DQ9, but it looks interesting as does Sonic Colors, but even then, I may put HGSS above those two. Super Scribblenauts...
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    2010 Wii Game of the Year

    No, it's not. Some critics liked Epic Mickey over Mario for originality, new IP and for handling such an iconic brand properly. (G4's Adam Sessler, et al)
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    2010 DS Game of the Year

    Pokemon bias aside, just wondering what your thoughts on best DS game of the year is, and why? Again, try to be as objective as possible on a Pokemon forum. ;)
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    2010 Wii Game of the Year

    Hey guys, just wondering if you've gotten your hands on all (or most) of the games that came out this year, and what you think of them. Your pick can be your favourite game, or the game that you think best deserves the GOTY title. Please elaborate on your choices as well if you like.
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    Your first Card

    First card in the (Base Set) pack was a Gastly, the rare was a holographic Poliwrath.
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    Pokemon TCG Trades (Wants)

    Looking for any SEALED Neo Genesis Booster Boxes or FireRed and LeafGreen Booster Boxes. PM me if you have any, thanks.