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  • Hey, I saw your post in the recent happenings thread of PBR and I wondering if your up/ready for some Wi-Fi battles on PBR. I do a lot of random wifi battles but of course I can't get feedbacks on my teams there. So if you're up for some practice and fun on PBR let me know :)
    Hi, I saw your posts about having a few male eevees and that you could get more when they were in the trophy garden, well I was wondering if you wanted a female eevee so that you wouldn't have to wait on the trophy garden, pm me if you'd like to trade
    Lol I knew about the Flareon
    Yeah I was/am A big Sm fan I like the Dic Sailor Moon Better (Talking about english version) But I liked the S and Super S. Still made that they didn't dub Stars
    My fav scouts are Moon Jupiter Mini Moon and Venus
    Hey There Just Wondering About Your Name Is Juptier Your Favourite Planet Or Your Favourite Sailor Moon Soilder/Scout?
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