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  • I hope I can catch online one of these days so I could give you your pokemon and clones back man, it's been killing me not being able to return them lol
    So sorry man! I've been offline due to wifi complications, I should be able to trade your clones back in 2 weeks, that's when my wifi is coming back lol Don't worry man, I haven't forgotten and again a million apologies bro
    DUUUUUUUDDDDDEEEEE!!!!! Kim so sorry man, things have been hectic the past few months man :( I got your clones and the originals waiting for you though. I'll be on more often again though, so I'll talk to you soon man :)
    Hey if you get a powersaves you can advertise cloning services and you would be able to get lots of Kalos Born shinies that way. Which is always good and can always land you good trades, the bad thing is that a lot of times it would require a lot of your time of forums which kind of sucks lol :p
    Yeah I want to get one too but not sure, I feel like I will probably not end up using it haha
    yo bro, sorry I am not able to modify the ball, I am only able to clone through the 3ds method :( sorry man
    Yeah man I agree with you, when you are doing what you love and getting paid for it, it truly is awesome, it's good to see you again man, let's chat sometime when you can, catch up and stuff
    School is going fine man, like I said I am in summer vacation but I go back September 2, so I may not be here as often as I might be now, how is your job going? How about the shop?
    Hey bro, your clones are done, I should be online all day so just drop me a VM when you want to pick them up! :) Sorry it took a while lol I can clone more if you'd like also
    Same man, work and school, although right now I'm on summer vacation so only work, i decided to come by forums for a bit before school starts :p
    I have done only one clone ^_^' it's being kinda of complicated lol I'll get it done soon enough though lmao sorry man
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