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  • Your post was so long, that I had to come up with a way to explain what Sergio was doing while all that stuff with Ultros was happening. At least Sergio having to search his clothes for where he was storing his Pokeballs, then realizing they were in an obvious place fits his character pretty well. :p I ever mention that you're really good at this stuff?

    Also, I assume you're ok with me saying that the Scizor let Monifa go when he was first hit by Blaze.
    Yeah, that makes sense. It'd be best to do that so we don't end up going somewhere else end Mickmon had something else completely different planned.

    Besides, this leaves some time for Sergio and Monifa to interact. :p
    Don't even worry about it. Shampoo Thief is on vacation so even if you did post earlier, we'd still have to wait for his post. Take all the time you need.
    Hey, I'm a friend of Krazy95 and see that you like RPG's. Well I just made one and no one has joined so far and I would like you to have first pick for your spot! Thank You very much.
    I was thinking of doing that with The Tohjo War, but the idea won me over. I'll be GM'ing obviously, but also taking part.

    Lol, my mind is keeping me up at nearly 2am. mind, I'm up til 4 or 5 most nights.
    Sounds awesome! If you need a hand with it at any point, for anything, I'll happily hop in and help. My mind is a screwball of imagination. Sleeping is very hard for me, so it's lucky I function on little of it.
    I'm in.... Six including my own, but two are semi-active, one is pretty much dead, the other two haven't started yet. The only truly active one is GJ.

    As you can guess, I'll be joining yours ^_^
    Lol, thanks. I don't know how I handle the amount I'm actually in XD

    I need ore people to get later plots to work, but I'll be leaving SU's open most likely. At the moment, I'm trying to expand my actual posts, and I'm trying to get my actual SU's for my own RP up.

    And I'm drawing Tyler's sketches too. So a lot of work I've set myself. But it's all good fun.
    Kacie Carson is a pretty cool character :D i've just dragged Tyler over to meet her, after the mentioning of Almia. One of the only things he'll talk about in big groups, besides art and music!

    Sorry, for any introduction (I forgot... Oops!) I'm Krazy/Nate, and I'm in Grand Journeys!
    What time zone are you in. I'm in GMT -5. (eastern time zone in the US) What kinds of Pokemon do you hope to catch later in the RP? I hope to maybe catch a Zorua or a Heracross.
    Hi I'm Hudsonn but you probably know me as Cole Draco. i'm in your group for the Grand Adventure with some Lude guy. Anyway...just wanted to say hey and maybe we can talk sometime since we're going to be interacting a lot in the RPG!
    Well, even if it fades out, I can always progress the storyline in the sequel and catch everything up. But yeah, I have noticed it isn't as active as it used to be.

    I'll try to spin things around. May take a few posts, but I think I might have an idea. Even if it doesn't work, I could still have it mean something later on.
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