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  • Is it okay if I siggied your comment from "Happy Birthday Serebii Joe"? It's just so awesome on so many levels :D
    Posting my team for fun

    (Return,milk drink,body slam,heal bell)

    (Power trick, protect,stone edge,toxic)

    (Softboiled,ice beam,thunderbolt,calm mind)

    (Swords dance,bullet punch,x scissor,iron head)

    (Focus punch,seed bomb,mind reader,sky uppercut)

    Absol my fav on my team

    (Me first,pyscho cut, razor wind, perish song)

    Absol has super luck ability so he's my offensive tank
    Blissy is sp def
    Miltank is my healer
    Shuckle is my def
    And scizor is my hybrid
    Not even gonna go there b/c I don't give a crap. Also for the record, I do not get hard off of any of the aformentioned characters. You took that way too personally. I did not mean to offend you that badly. I'm sorry.
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