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Last Activity:
Sep 15, 2019
Jan 19, 2011
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March 1
The Future

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Numero Uno, from The Future

FlashFusion was last seen:
Sep 15, 2019
    1. Plight of Leon
      Plight of Leon
      1 on 1s are done by PM, not by squad.
    2. Alfred the Second
      Alfred the Second
      Umm so should I post my teams on UPN or serebii or both?
      Also do I have to post in open challange to battle o.0
    3. Alfred the Second
      Alfred the Second
      thank you for the link
    4. Nightfall_
      ...Okay. Thanks for the tip. I will check to see if it gets approved. If not, then I'll give them no-sigs.
    5. Sneaze
      It's perfectly fine. I just get busy sometimes. I have duties elsewhere. I honestly don't mind a bump every now and then, but you should check my sig, because that'll usually be updated if I'm busy or not.
    6. Sneaze
      Dude, worked 12 hour days Monday and Tuesday, so there was nothing I could do. The reffings will be more frequent than this in the future, though.
    7. brawlfan1
      Thanks for the tip about UPN! I'll make an account ASAP!
    8. 55afrothunder
      hi do u have tm 04 calm mind if u do ill trade it for an event arceus
    9. Pengyzu
      LoLz. Cool. I would really be dazzled if you found Kuno's first match :p
    10. Pengyzu
      Wazzup rival?
    11. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Whoops, sorry about that. *Edits post*
    12. Drogo
      Thanks for the tip, I was checking out UPN and I think I will go ahead and create an account there.
    13. ROFLMAO
      Thanks for the advice (: I'll go and make an account there.
    14. Pengyzu
      Thanks! Wasn't very smart of me to use Sunny Day in my fight against Charminion... -facepalm- my plan: Since Ferum can easily move through zero-grav, I'm thinking he can do a DC Earthquake. Well... according to how the game goes, if she makes two attacking moves, I'll see which one gets more damage and use Protect there respectively. LoL! DC Earthquake with Hone Claws will hurt that Charmander... a LOT! My back-up plans would be to use the asteroids as shields... using Psychic to hurl or use them to block might work for me... My team I used there was picked from my team to be able to function in zero- grav well... Ferum... levitates. Ralts can control himself using Psychic. Gastly, self-explanatory. Sena can jump against surfaces. Aipom can use his tail to propel. Tetsu... since by spinning, in theory... he can use that to propel himself
    15. Pengyzu
      Poor Jumpy... LoL! Weird how Tetsu survived lol! Well... probably having to lift an incredibly heavy Ferroseed boosted with Gravity was enough to make him pant lol Nice match so far, my first KO :) So far so good!
    16. Pengyzu
      Energy use wasn't as stellar, using severe energy this round, which brings him a light way under the final quarter, He will be tired next round, and slow to react.

      LoL. xD
    17. Pengyzu
      You might faint of energy usage lol
    18. Angeltripper
      you almost done a match?
    19. Sneaze
      The one I literally just reffed?
    20. Plight of Leon
      Plight of Leon
      It can be at times. Also, make sure you know what you are doing before becoming a ref.
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    March 1
    The Future
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    The Artist Formerly Known as Celebii151​

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    B- Referee
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