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  • lol, that's similar to my mentality: beat someone with loads of hax and then never battle them again...
    Well have you given milotic lots of hp evs? If not, that should really help with it's defences. It would be great to have another battle and feel free to VM me me whenever you're up for one.
    That was a great battle, nice to see there's someone else who likes to use milotic in competitive battling, and you used it well :)
    Oh, well nothing much really. I'm just making some banners, icons, and personalized pokemon sprites for a new fan art shop I'ma make for these forums :3
    I think it's pretty awesome that they have somehting like this here, and I like to give/make people stuff xD
    [If you want something, you can always tell me :p Like a spriting job, or a pic like the one in my siggy :3 I need practice anyways xD]

    And what about you? What are you up to at the moment? :]
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