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  • Also, can you help me with my thread? I have evolved or powered up most of my Pokemon and I cannot make any entry.
    Yes, I already have a Meowth. :D

    Yes. Although, while I was home, I found a good chunk of Pokemon in my own lane or building as well. So, it's fine. People with no access to gyms can simply keep catching Pokemon and powering them up or evolving them.

    Yes, We can be leaders of the Nerds, although, interaction with the government is not as useful as it sounds. I bet the would not understand much anyway. At least not in India. The leaders are not at all educated in India, at least not most.

    Yes, true. But, due to the number of bullies and trolls around, I do not think they will reduce the levels and things. I saw one guy ran into a Dragonite. How lucky. I cannot even run into Pokemon other than Rattata and pidgey. :|

    I use firefox and haven't logged out since I made the email account. I kinda forget the password. :p
    Oh, yes! Vote for Team Rocket!

    Yea, IKR? But again, the main purpose of this game is to travel. So, I don't think it should be much of an issue anyway. Although, if there were a place to suggest to add spots/gyms, like there were in ingress(At least what I've heard). It'll be fantastic.

    So, it's already begun? We nerds have been awoken. We will rise and rule the world...or probably leave that to the government, we've got better things like catching Pokemon to do. :p

    Well, the issue here is, when the games will launch wordwide and server issues would be fixed, people who gave up and want to start again would have a rough time. Everyone else around would be on a higher level and it'll get boring if battling would be implemented due to rest being above them.

    And, I did what you said about the Spreadsheet. Can you tell me if it works? spreadsheet. I shall start putting in values once I get home.
    Oh yes. What if there actually is somebody who is working around as team Rocket, just for fun though.

    Well, there are a lot of people in India already playing this game. At least in the city where I live. I have a friend who got pissed of at Nintendo because there are no Pokestops/gyms in his area and gave up on the game..

    IKR? I've never been out this much in a long, long time.

    OH yes. I've traveled almost over 21KM with the game in just 3 days. And yea, this will be a nerdocalypse on the streets. :)

    And, yes, although, once I shall start spending a bit of money on the game, it'll start going better. Plus people have already given up on the games due to issues in the server. I mean, it's a new game. Every new game will have some problem.

    Also, I posted a thread for noting the range of CP, it's waiting confirmation. Would you help me with the spreadsheet? I have made it already, but, I do not know how to make it in a way that only I can edit it.
    Nah, I feel asleep anyway. :p

    Yes. Although, I believe there is someone, somewhere creating all these issues, you know, probably tea rocket. :p

    Yea, sort of. I keep walking around. Although. at times, it gets boring. No friends to walk with. And, I don't get it, why such popular games do not get world-wide release.

    Yep. realized that after walking a KM in my own house. :|

    Yes, and I've lost substantial amount of weight with this + Gym. Which is fantastic for me.

    ...Let's not talk about it. I'm at 5. :p
    Yes, maybe. Hopefully. I mean, all this must be going to them, somehow.

    And, the closest Gym to my house is about 10KM far. I'm planning on investing Money, but now just yet. I have downloaded the .APK from elsewhere and I want to be sure we will be allowed to continue playing.

    Yep, there isn't any, unless you bring it to your home, which is difficult due to the fact that I live on the forth floor. And, there are ways like building a shed or things, but that is all up to the secretary of the society.

    I downloaded a pedometer app. But, running around the house does not count as movement or at least not for me. I walked a KM on the app and in GO, it did not budge.

    Yep, in fact, this is the first game that my parents like and urge me to play. I offer to do their work as it gives me opportunity to go outside. :p

    What Trainer level are you on?
    Yes, maybe the first gym you encounter should have a AI system where you battle against the system with tips on how to go about battling.

    Yes, I did the same, except swiping. :p A huge revamp is needed, because the kids playing this game will have a hard time battling and, I think the only way earning money is to beat a gym and have your Pokemon there, other than spending money.

    Well, I got my old bike repaired. It was unused for about a couple of years and here, we do not have individual apartments, we live in a building so, no garage facility. Bikes got rusty due to rain and after spending Rs500(Indian Currency, the first time that used the bike, it broke from the center. :|

    Yes, and it hurts to know I cannot hatch eggs by walking around my own house. I cannot go outside at 2:15AM, no matter how bad I want to. :|

    Haha, surprisingly, it was not a Pokemon. :p
    I will, although, you seem to have covered most.

    Oh, I see. What must have happened is after walking 7Km, my friend and I were very hungry and excited so, I remember clicking go right away as Tangela(My Pokemon appeared.) I managed to take out 3/4 Pokemon and one of them being a Fearow.

    But, the battle that happened was at a very quick pace. I mean, I hardly got any time to look elsewhere but my own Pokemon. :|

    Yep. I'm planning on buying a Bike for myself. I wanted one anyway, now, I have a reason to buy one. :p
    I haven't been outside for so long in ages. Today, I found a tree!

    Yes, Thank you, to you too. :)
    Yes, it was fantastic. I mean, I thought of writing a guide but, I could never get close to what you wrote so I gave up.

    How do we select? The Golden star next to your Pokemon is selection? I do not know how to select more Pokemon...

    Yes, I noticed that factor. But, the Pokemon I wish to use are a little rare. :p

    And, yes, Raising my level is what I'm going to do. Your guide is going to play a big role in helping me do that. :)

    And, thank you. I shall surely message you if I need something. Thank you so much. :)
    Hey! I saw your thread that you made on XP grinding. Fantastic work, I must say. I have a few questions. In my area, there are four gyms that are available. But, all four gyms have super strong Pokemon. Any way as to how I can beat them?
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