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  • Ghostrick is a brand new archetype that came out recently. I think it's going to be out with the Shadow Specters pack later this year, but people have access to them on Dueling Network.
    Well, the fastest archetypes are currently Blackwing, Mermail/ Atlantean, Dragon Rulers, and I heard Ghostrick was pretty good. As for setup, people are special summoning at least 2-5 times on there first turn to start bringing out their best Xyz monsters.
    Oh, yes! I've been playing for 11 years, so you've come to the right place. ;X What do you need most in terms of help?
    Fair enough. I'm sure in due time people will get to know you and you'll have several friends in the forums.

    Trying to catch a female Eevee in B2. Incredibly hard.
    Uh huh. Fair enough. A good start on the forums would be to join a Clan/Guild. The people in these offer good conversation about Pokémon, and some are good at competitive battling, and so would be able to offer tips. If in doubt, the clan members would be able to assist you. Clans/Guilds are great places to start. I'm in one now. The Hoenn Triangle.

    Quick question- why did you ask to be my friend? I've never visited your page nor seen any of your posts. I didn't actually know you.
    Uh huh. What do you like about Pokémon? Do you like going through the games, battling and stuff, or are you more into competitive battling via wifi or simulators?
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