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Feb 9, 2014
Oct 15, 2013
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Flippyside was last seen:
Feb 9, 2014
    1. LudaChris78
      Hey buddy clear some inbox space. I am free to trade but I am not done with your order.
    2. fd203
      Timid (31/x/31/31/31/31) male/female snorunts with inner focus/moody/ice body (Egg move: Spike and Disable) for my pair of elekids?
    3. bweb1234
      Hey I'm online your pm box is full
    4. FensVaporeon
      Flippy... your inbox is full!

      Copy and Past from the PM I was writing...

      Hey Flippy!

      How are you doing? =)

      I have a question,
      you traded me a Honedge, do you remember?
      A Male one with perfect 6IV including 0 speed.
      I'd like to know if you could Nickname it for me.
      I'd like to use it in battles.

      Used it for breeding, but breeding honedge makes me crazy (and I still have so many other Pokis to breed)...

      What are you breeding atm?

      I'm doing Litwick, with HA, but without egg moves, since HeatWave isn't avaible right now.
      After that I'll do HA Espurr and Sturdy Carbink.

      and Merry Christmas!
    5. Mokyun
      Your PM box is full ^_^

      I cant have a male froslass haha If you can breed a female that would be awesome if not do you have any other 5 IV female pokemon?
    6. pikamilk
      Hi there, able to offer 5 IVs Eevee for your Snornuts (one male and female each, with HA), interested?
    7. ramenrider
      hi i have interest in your snorunt but your inbox is full, send me a pm when you open space on it have lots of 5 iv pokes
    8. MagmortarLord
      Inbox full,
      Just doing a bit of eving, then i'll breed them, think i will only have to breed a male
    9. Stedus
      Are you there?
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