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Last Activity:
Oct 9, 2013
Jun 16, 2013
Likes Received:
Wish I had one but i'm too young :/

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Die Potato, from Kalos

FloatingMew was last seen:
Oct 9, 2013
    1. RzK
      y u float?
    2. 725roy
      Thanks! I was wondering when someone one would figure out who that was. It's a funny gif.
    3. Torpoleon
      Just got the Kiddie Carpet. Do you need that?
    4. Torpoleon
      What time (Eastern)?

      Ah, right. Forgot you already paid!
    5. hawkeye721
      I beleive you've mentioned him before

      How is your AC town doing?
    6. Psynergy
      Ah, that's not a problem. I'll just hold onto this one until someone else needs one.
    7. Torpoleon
      When do you want the bookcase? I've been holding onto it for a couple of days now and would really like to let go of it soon.

      By the way, be sure to check houses in the Happy Home showcase for kiddie furniture you don't have and then you can order it.
    8. Psynergy
      Not a problem. Just let me know anytime you see me on, and I'll give it to you.
    9. Torpoleon
      When do you want to come and get the bookcase? I have work from 2 PM to 6 PM today and wont be available at those times.

      Is it OK if you give me 2000 Bells for it?
    10. Psynergy
      Well, you seem to be on right now. I'm ready to give you the painting now if you want.

      EDIT: Nevermind, you're offline now. Sorry about that.
    11. Torpoleon
      Will keep an eye out for those. I also have the bookcase now if you want to come and get that soon.

      EDIT: So the full list of stuff you need from the Kiddie set is the floor, closet, wardrobe, table, stereo & bureau?
    12. Psynergy
      Not sure about exact times. Any time after noon tomorrow, Pacific Time, would work for me.
    13. Torpoleon
      I'll keep an eye out for those.
    14. Torpoleon
      Just those two? Well, I'm giving you the bookcase, so looks like you only need the floor. I'll keep an eye out for it.
    15. Torpoleon
      Added you. Gates are open. Please come quickly because I think I need to get off soon. Don't forget to add me as a BF (the green people icon in the lower left). What other kiddie furniture are you missing?

      By the way, I decided to give you 9 peaches instead of 6. :)
    16. Torpoleon
      OK. I'll order the bookcase now, but it wont come until 9 AM Eastern tomorrow. Since I will be at school tomorrow, it will have to wait until 2:30 PM Eastern at the earliest. In the meantime, I'll give you the 6 peaches now and you'll give me the Mushroom Mural? What's your 3DS FC? Mine is in my sig.
    17. Torpoleon
      How many peaches do you want? I don't have any kiddie furniture on me, but I have the bookcase, chair, clock, wall clock & wallpaper in my catalog. Which did you need?
    18. Torpoleon
      Meh, I don't really think I need any fruits, but thanks anyways. Do you have an extra Mushroom Mural? By the way, my town fruit is Peaches, so I have plenty of those.
    19. Psynergy
      Aw, I knew I'd regret buying myself, but I can definitely still get it to you. Redd will be sending it to me tomorrow, so I can give it to you then.
    20. hawkeye721
      I think I'm gonna go on my island to get money for turnups tomorrow
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    Wish I had one but i'm too young :/
    Favourite Pokémon:
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    TEH GREAT COLOR CODE! by JessPikaPal

    Red - Angry
    Orange - Quirky/Awkward
    Yellow - Really happy. Excited.
    Green: Neutral.
    Blue: Sad.
    Dark Blue: Deep sorrow.
    Teal - Irritated.
    White: Fear.
    Pink: Love.
    Purple: Cautious/Nervous.
    Black: Emotionless/On Phone/Rushing.
    Fire Brick: Serious business is serious.
    Grey: Lonely/Strong

    Pokemon... of course, Nintendo, Animals


    Currently playing my second run of White 2​