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Last Activity:
Dec 4, 2015
Oct 9, 2011
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Fennekin, from Kalos

Floette was last seen:
Dec 4, 2015
    1. PrismaticPrincessAnna
      Uhh Which was it...? I dunno if I have it.
    2. Shiny Hunter Se7en
      Shiny Hunter Se7en
      Thnx man, I can't believe I'm so close to finish my first BQ ever, it is an incredible way to play thru the game and catch some interesting random shinies.
      I can't wait to start my W2 BQ so I can hunt for pokés from other regions not only Unova.
      Good Luck with your secret MM hunt
    3. Psynergy
      Ah, I have some shinies to EV train as well, including some from before my Rayquaza hunt. I also need to finish the XD playthrough I started. :p
    4. Psynergy
      Thanks, but I might wait until B2/W2 for my next hunt. I'll be going for Ferroseed or Wooper next.
    5. Psynergy
      Thank you so much for the congrats! It really means a lot! Good luck with your hunt!
    6. Mr. Ribbles
      Mr. Ribbles
      Your avatar is adorable. <3.
    7. blue8arman
      Yeah,Castform was awesome for me.Have a nice day.
    8. blackterminator3
      For me I found the Shiny Pigey in the Route near New Bark Town. You can find it in other locations.
    9. Mienfoomaster
    10. Mienfoomaster
      Thanks so how u doin
    11. Mienfoomaster
      I will be on in the morning and afternoon because of school
    12. Mienfoomaster
      Btw wanna be friends?
    13. Mienfoomaster
      Thanks, gratz to you on the Cyndaquil too!^^
    14. Kyle Clarthy
      Kyle Clarthy
      Heya! I got your message! That's awesome! I haven't checked the thread yet, but I'm about to.

      And yeah, Cocoa's right. It's all down to luck, but again, it doesn't hurt to shake things up a little sometimes. Of course, it's harder to reset your game for a different ID when you're much further into a game and want to SR for something like Virizion or Ho-oh, for example, so I wouldn't really suggest doing that for anything other than a shiny.

      I also think it's a mental thing, too. Like, switching IDs can make you sort of feel a little refreshed ... or it does for me sometimes. I don't know if it makes sense or not, but sometimes you feel so drained SRing that doing anything else, like changing your ID, for instance, feels like it might help in being successful.

      Anyway, good luck with your next hunt, whatever it may be!
    15. cocoadragon
      no its just wether u think its good i dont think ID really matters that much
    16. Dragonitor
      I know SR'ing can be quite boring. But we have to be strong if we want those Shiny Starters. :D
    17. Dragonitor
      Thanks. :) And yup for me it was a succes. :) Now I'm going for Shuckle. :D
      How's your hunt going?
    18. Shiny Hunter Se7en
      Shiny Hunter Se7en
      Thnx and Good Luck with your Johto starter
    19. EmiiLava
      Thx. I got the toto in November of 2011 x3 Anyway, thank you again, and gl to you too!
    20. SnazzySwampert
      Thanks I'l need the luck.
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    Favourite Pokémon:


    Kalos Team: Delphox, Florges, Aegislash, Heliolisk, Hawlucha, Avalugg
    Latest Shiny: Helioptile


    Fire Safari: Ponyta, Pyroar, Braixen - 1478-3803-9332
    I have claimed #671, Florges

    *credit to Equal-To-Heaven for the clock