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  • Thanks! and I have no clue xD
    I have 3 fairy friend safaris but only one has floette and it's blue flowered. Ik that the flower color doesn't change, like say one minute you find red, the next an orange appears. It'll stay that one color, but I havn't got any other friends that have floette in their friend safari.
    Gl on finding one! ^.^
    Thanks! Shiny Carbink is definitely one of my favorite 6th gen shinies right now. Good luck on hunt(s) lol. Carbink, Furfrou and Flabebe are nice choices so you can't go wrong there. =p
    I see. Which pokemon you're pretending to have a shiny off? <3
    I guess Vivillon would be nice! I'm curious about her shiny form.
    I actually have no clue. I didn't have time to pick up the games before my surgery, so I'm out of the loop right now. I'll be more informed in a few weeks, when I have more energy to sit at the computer and read up on everything / make my way out to an EB Games :p
    I'm curious for the OST. I hope the youtubers post the soundtrack fast...

    So, how's your team right now? And who's your starter?
    I... Shouldn't... Be talking... About it... Agh!!!
    Tell me more, is it difficult? I hope it is. I've played White 2 with the Challenge Mode key ON and it was pretty nice defeating Iris with her pokemons being, like, 5 LVs higher than me! <3
    And how's the OST too? Amazing?
    I'm all screwed on my game!

    Lol I only have Linoone and Espurr both level 20. Helioptile is on the rocky trail where the glittering cave is.. You can find it there!
    I could give you Clauncher for the Skrelp! But if you could I'd want a female Skrelp! I'll trade a female Clauncher too. Just for breeding purposes..

    Awee and I just learned that Surskit isn't available in the wild, only Masquerain so it appears it may take time for me to access one. So much for it being my starter..

    I'll be getting 2 Ralts then..

    Yeah I'm just gonna lurk the forum and post here and there for 3 hours..
    I'll have my game in 3 hours when Target opens at 8!
    Hey dude trade me some Skrelp ok!? As I am getting X. It appears you can catch Skrelp with good rod on route 8.
    I know right! Just realized we're one of the last people to get the game!
    Hey not yet.. I'm from the US and none of the retailer or online store breaks the street date lol..

    Tomorrow it is!
    Nah, you probably will enjoy it! Who wouldn't? Although those sudden informations was kinda annoying, I have to admit. I mean, it spoiled a lot.
    Already know who'll be in your team?

    I won't be able to get it. I've had to sell my 3DS to get me another phone as mine broken. I also need to buy a computer, as I mine broken (2) has 2/3 months... It's hard. And I am SO anxious about this game, too!
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