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  • Any place in special? If you live in Nevada, Las Vegas, then we're not friends anymore. We would be best friends instead, haha!!!

    So, will ya get Pokemon X/Y?
    So, from where you are? I know Kalos is a great place to live, but I'm curious about your hometown! I'm a brazilian! <3
    Oh, now I see.
    Anyway, nice to meet ya!
    We sure are supposed to be great friends, you see! You don't know I, and I don't know you; yet, we're friends, yaeh!!!
    Do I... Know you from somewhere? (?!)
    I see you've added me has some time. You've changed your name?
    I have no idea what they might have in store for X/Y. I guess we'll just have to wait and see :p
    I'm excited for the new games, but I've given myself the task of FINISHING all my gen 4 & 5 games.
    I have many that are partially started or not even started yet, so it will be a while before I get the new games >.<
    Lol dude what the heck have you been smoking just within a minute. Our convo became random all of a sudden.. Haha
    Haha but not the Magikarp way.. Lol.. Seriously Magikarp. Hahaha that's just suicide lol. But hey if you you want to use it I won't hold it against you.. I could beat you with my level 100 caterpie. :p
    Lol that's kinda random! Why would you want a Magikarp.. Does that thing learn any attack outside Splash and Flail? LOL
    I have to elaborate though.. When I choose my favourite pokes I tend to like their appearance then I would just work with their stats. You know I try to get the best EV for them and te right nature that fits their stats. I don't choose to use a Pokemon just because they have monsterous stat or BST worth of OU.. I don't play like that. I may choose weak Pokemon but I make an effort to make them as strong as possible. I invest my time searching for the right nature and do the best I can in EV training back in the day.. Give them the best suitable moves..

    Lets both hope dude!! Hopefully we get our wishes but really, a part of me knows that Masquerain's chance of being Megafied is very slim.. Still I'd be really disappointed if it doesn't get Mega Evolution! :/
    Well for me if its only an in-game I don't care if I have Pokemon of the same type. I would definitely use the Pokemon I really like to use. I choose my Pokemon based on their appearance more so than their stats.. I firmly believe in the old forgotten motto of Pokemon "to use your favourite may it be weak or strong" or something along the lines..
    Its much more fun and challenging using the Pokemon you like to use. I don't believe on balancing out the typing of my rosters.
    I'm getting X. At the moment I'm on Fennekin's fence but might board in Froakie's boat.. It all comes down to their final evolution.. I like the seemingly ninja inspired concept behind Froakie..

    I definitely have Skrelp. Considering Bunnelby and Vivillon unless there is a much cutesy bug Pokemon..
    I'm pretty sure they could always make some Pokemon as downloadable as the Torchic one..
    So anyway which version are you getting? Which starter are you goin to choose? Any planned team?

    Still hopefully you get your Mega Castform! Castform was such a gimmick Pokemon they should've make it as much competitively.. Imagine it could cause chaos with its unpredictable weather changes..

    I seriously wish you get your Mega Castform! Well I do think making a petition would be just futile than wishing..

    Top - http://i40.*******.com/1z70vvs.png
    Bottom - http://i41.*******.com/jkhqmt.gif

    Since Flabebe doesn't exactly have much of a tail, I used the flower stem instead. I hope that's alright. :3
    Yep, it's accepted. :)
    No point in posting again since you literally beat me out to my post by less than a minute.
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