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  • Oh hey Fluff! :)
    Yeah, it has been some time, eh? I've been inactive as you've probably noticed.
    I've been alright, just been doing my summer reading..which is a bit juvenile for high school. As you can see, I have no interesting news for you, what a life. Haha!
    How have you been sir? ~
    I've never looked at Smogon (except the time I looked at an analysis of Happiny). I just don't feel like bothering with such stuff.
    I think speed and defenses are the most important stats for Skarmory. Defense isn't too much of a worry since it's already naturally high, so most of the EVs should go to speed and Sp. def, but I've never used a skarmory before and I've never looked it up, so I wouldn't know for sure.
    My encounters with skarmory include something like the following sequence:

    Spikes, Spikes, Spikes, Stealth Rock, Whirlwind, Whirlwind (and the occasional Brave Bird) but mostly Whirlwind.
    A nice! Always wanted a dragonite in the team! Never heard of skarmory being a phazer always thougt of it being the bulky type to spike and flee.
    The phazers that drive me nuts are: dragonite with Dragon Tail, Skarmory, Sigilyph, and some others. I've never seen or heard of Noctowl being used, but I'm not familiar with a whole lot of strategies.
    It's easier for our online hours to overlap when we have full days off with nothing else to do. For me, that one day is Sunday. Every other day is occupied with something. You'd have to stay up pretty late to catch me online in my afternoon.
    Oh, you were? Sorry! It must have slipped my memory. I check the thread frequently, so blame my bad memory. xD

    I do remember when you joined, now that I think about it. Sorry about that! xD
    Yes, its calming. :3 Do you listen to classical music?
    And I could..but I do horse-back riding and art lessons, and I get out of school at four; so it's a long day; and a lot of HW on top of that.
    Hey there. How's it going? :)

    If you want to get to know me, Moose, and Chuck better, you can consider joining our clan, Primus et Ultimus. We're always welcoming new members. :)
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